Under The Knife

“Going Under the Knife” is giving me a new insight on life. It is not serious… but it is Surgery that I will be undergoing this upcoming Wednesday. I am not thrilled at the prospect of going under, knocked out with anesthesia, and then the pain and discomfort of recovery. Not thrilled… but there is …

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Who’s Your Daddy?

I heard a story this weekend about the many ways people become wealthy. Someone actually trademarked the phrase “Who’s Your Daddy?” and they make money from it. So..please don’t send me any money for the message you are about to receive or I might have to pay royalties! I know that many of you have …

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It Was A Game Changer

You know those moments in life when everything changes? Nothing is ever the same afterwards? I’ve had a few. There are the big life events… like when my mother died just before my 13th birthday. When I was kidnapped as a teenager. Having children. Getting married. Divorced. Those moments… Then there are the inner game …

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Ask Don’t Tell

I was trolling Facebook the other day when I came upon a question in one of the coaching groups I belong to. “How do we tell people what we do when most people don’t even know what life coaching is?” After 20 years in this profession, I must confess it is disheartening to realize the …

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Where Are You Going?

Happy New Year!I love having the clean slate of a new year, don’t you? It is the one time of year when the focus for many people is on…what’s next…what will I do… be… have? What will I create now? Where am I going? If you have been following this Destiny Vision email series, then …

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What Happened To You?

Your Year In ReviewMany Many years ago in a place far away….. I used to begin thinking ahead to my New Year’s Vision right about now… at the end of December. Then, one day, my dear husband Curtis suggested we take a look back at our year before we began creating our new goals. At …

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I Love You

Yes, you…the unique person reading this message. I have been wanting to write this message for a long time. Maybe it’s because it is the Holiday Season. Maybe I am simply ready to take off one of my masks and express my true feelings. I Love You You may have been on my list and …

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Putting Out Fires

That phrase had a very clear meaning when I worked for the Postal Service on an executive team. Someone was always leaving a meeting to “put out a fire” caused by someone who had mucked up. Today, I am thinking of a very different kind of “fire” and message. Another way that I could view …

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