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Soul Driven Success

A Business Academy for Coaches Who Want to Create a Prosperous and Fulling Career

The #1 Mistake That Coaches Make...

Is to waste time, money and energy on activities that aren't right for them or their business.

You can avoid that pitfall by identifying exactly what stage of evolution your coaching business occupies right now so that you will know exactly the right next step to take.


What Soul Driven Success Can Do For You

Soul Driven Success offers comprehensive and holistic trainings that help coaches grow their business, stay true to themselves and even add some sizzle with specialties such as group coaching, relationship coaching and inspirational entertainment.

We have identified the stages that a coaching business goes through and applied this to our coaching business with excellent results. We'd like to help you do the same.


Evolve Your Coaching Business

As a coach, your strength is connecting with people to elicit transformation. This book will show you how to use that very same set of skills, talent and passion to grow and evolve your coaching business into a lifelong prosperous career. 

I began my coaching career over 20 years ago. I would love to tell you I built a successful business easily and effortlessly but that would be a big fat lie. I worked hard, and I made a ton of mistakes.  

Over time though I learned I could listen to my inner wisdom when I used proven strategies. I found there were basic steps to take that worked every time. I also discovered the 4 stages of a coaching business that when followed made the journey to success easier and even fun!

In the book you will learn:

 “Evolve Your Coaching Business” offers proven tools and strategies that align with your values and desire to be of service. Learn from real life examples and inspiring stories that will guide you step by step to the exact success you are seeking. 

Choose Your Pathway to Success

Specialized Training Courses

Group Coaching Masterclass

Business Vision Course

Evolve Your Coaching Business Program

Business Coaching Program

In this program, you will evolve your coaching business and create soul driven success.

Certification Mentor Coaching

This is for those who intend to enroll in Co-Active Certification.

Community Membership

Your membership includes a library of training materials.

All the essentials for business development and the inner aspects of connecting with your soul's wisdom. 

Mastermind Calls where you get coaching, group support and accountability.

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Founders: Kat & Curtis Knecht

Soul Driven Success is our Legacy business. After two decades in the coaching world, our separate and joint work has continually evolved and iterated.

We have now created a home base that we believe will best serve the coaching profession and, most importantly, you as a coach.

We are committed to supporting you to create your highest dream for your business. Our name for your high dream becoming real is "Soul Driven Success".

Learn How Soul Driven Success Helped These Coaches

I was at a point in my coaching business, where it was time to reconnect to my purpose and implement new structure that would move me to the next level of success when I joined the Soul Driven Success Business Program. The program marries business principles and structures with individual strengths, talents and creative abilities, all the while moving obstacles and blocks out of the way. If you are ready to re-energize an existing - or to launch a new - coaching business, I’d encourage you to reach out to Kat and Curtis.

Cheryl Headshot

Cheryl Sheehan

Health Coach

Kat and Curtis have expert knowledge of the coaching business! I was able to write impactful, new copy for my website, find clarity on the niche I want to collaborate with and overcome any internal obstacles I had regarding the marketing and technology 'ick factor' that stopped me from moving my business forward in the past. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow a coaching practice with a heart and soul. Thanks Kat and Curtis!

Woman Holding Light

Amy Kessler

Career Coach

One thing I loved most was how I couldn’t get it wrong because the program was so well-organized. I learned things about creating content and marketing my program that I would never have been able to do on my own. You broke it down into doable, bite-size steps with support, wisdom, knowledge and marketing expertise Over and over, I found clarity in what I was offering and why. Now it's a reality. I have launched my program! 

Jodi Headshot

Jodi Bogart

Spiritual Coach

Thank you so much for your amazing visioning partnership. Your ability to hold space for both possibility and clarity is unparalleled. I am feeling super lucky to have you in my life.

Abigail for website

Abigail Morgan Prout

Creative Coaching Alliance

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