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Professional coaches who use proven business strategies that align with their soul's wisdom create lasting success.
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We are a Soul Driven Business Academy that shows professional coaches how to align their soul's purpose with proven business strategies so they can stop worrying about what they don't know and start enjoying the work they love that's changing the world.

We are a Soul Driven Business Academy that shows professional coaches how to align their soul's purpose with proven business strategies so they can stop worrying about what they don't know and start enjoying the work they love that's changing the world.

Too many life coaches struggle to make a good income from the business of their dreams.

Something gets in the way.

They are passionate about what they do but don’t have a strategy that integrates good business building techniques with their desire to change the world.

They need business tools & techniques that align with their soul’s purpose in order to position themselves in their unique “sweet spot” in the marketplace. That’s where they succeed as the coach they always dreamed they’d be.

What would it be like to learn how to succeed in business by having a clear strategy and the fundamental business tools that align with your soul’s purpose… all of which results in you having a profitable offering in the marketplace?

Would you like to focus on your business strategy and learn how to make your vision a reality?

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Founder: Kat Knecht, PCC, CPCC

One of the inspirations for opening this Academy to help coaches comes from my own journey. In my book, The Soul Search, I tell the story of how I created a successful soul driven coaching business.

It honestly presents the lessons I learned that you can use to create your own unique business success.

The Academy's Pathway to Success

Would you like to create a coaching business you love?

Coaching Business by Design

...will grow your coaching business in a way that's aligned with your soul's purpose, so you can create sustainable income and have a positive impact in the world.

Soul-Driven Success

these are not fairy tale affirmations

These are not fairy tale affirmations….they work! “Positive thoughts are not fairy tale affirmations” is the name we gave to Chapter 7 in my book…The Soul Search. As I sat staring at my computer screen wondering what on earth could be worth …

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I don’t know what I am doing!

“I don’t know what I am doing”…is a phrase that has been in my head a lot lately! How about you?In these strange times, with so much change that has come about rapidly, do you find yourself lost at times? …

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Learn how Soul Driven Success Academy helped these coaches

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I was at a point in my coaching business, where it was time to reconnect to my purpose, passion and mission and implement new structure that would move me to the next level of success.

Although this is a business building course, it also provided a beautiful path of connection to my authentic self. What I learned will strengthen and enrich my journey and support my clients on their journeys.

If you are ready to re-energize an existing business or desire to launch a new coaching business, I’d encourage you to take a step and reach out to Kat. You’ll be so glad you did!

Health Coach... Cheryl Sheehan 


“Kat and Curtis have expert knowledge of the coaching business! 

I was able to write impactful, new copy for my website, find clarity on the niche I want to collaborate with and overcome any internal obstacles I had regarding the marketing and technology 'ick factor' that stopped me from moving my business forward in the past. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow a coaching practice with a heart and soul. Thanks Kat and Curtis!”

       Career Coach… Amy Kessler

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“One thing I loved most was how I couldn’t get it wrong because the program was so well-organized. 

I learned things about creating content and marketing my program that I would never have been able to do on my own. 

You broke it down into doable, bite-size steps with support, wisdom, knowledge and marketing expertise 

Over and over, I found clarity in what I was offering and why. Now it's a reality. I have launched my program!”

      Spiritual Life Coach... Jodi Bogart

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I now trust the process and see that anything is possible. I can create the life and business of my dreams! Kat is Amazing! If you are ready to transform your life and business and live a life better and fuller than your deepest and wildest dreams call now!

Life Coach... Merreley Donohue

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