First, Let’s Talk About YOU!

Professional Coaches all over the world are hitting the sweet spot of success in their soul driven businesses. Will your business be one of them?

We believe that you want to create an authentic business that has heart and soul. We believe that a heart-centered business is one of the best ways for you to express your true nature, share your gifts and grow as a human.

We know that when the soul is in the lead and the ego takes a back seat, it creates a new possibility of success for everyone.

The type of success we offer at Soul Driven Success comes from that deep place in you that always speaks truth. It's a success that bridges the gap of practical application without losing the magic.

We believe it’s possible for you to have fun, make money and do good... all at the same time!

Let Your Light Shine!

We help coaches who are dedicated to shining their light in order to bring a positive shift to others. We don’t think that a cookie cutter approach in business works any better than it does in any other area of your life.

We have a wide range in our philosophy and in what we teach. We weave together well-proven business knowhow with spiritual wisdom. Our goal is to shine a light on you - your individual uniqueness - and we refuse to put anyone into a box!

Step Out of the Shadows

We realize it’s not easy to be vulnerable when you’re putting yourself - and something you care about - into the marketplace. It takes courage and a willingness to risk being judged… and you will be judged, no question about it. Yet we also know that, without being authentic, any kind of success you achieve will lack the joy and satisfaction you are seeking from your work.

We believe in helping coaches face the fears that have been holding them back. To do this with compassion in a way that will move them past old blocks and into new territory with confidence.

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The Truth About Business

You don’t have to sell out in order to SELL your valuable services to the people who are waiting for you! We teach coaches how to create a successful business that fulfils their soul’s purpose so that their work makes real their dream of a prosperous, lifelong career.

Mission on About page

Our Mission...

... is to help professional coaches thrive in their business while staying true to their feminine wisdom. We offer effective business tools, teach powerful ways of managing thoughts & belief systems and help them make confident choices about who they want to serve and the best way to shine in the marketplace.

Our Values

We have a high value for FUN. We believe that there is way too much seriousness in life and so we encourage you to be silly, feel your joy and get a little wacky.

We have a value for reaching Fulfilling Goals that are delightful and bring you soul satisfying success.

We have a value for Inspired Action. You need to take the big (and little) steps needed to achieve your goals.

We have a value for Creativity and we believe that the highest level of creativity and productivity happen when we Play.

We have a value for Prosperity. We believe that making a good living is an honorable & worthwhile pursuit.

We have a value for a Diverse Community. We invite our tribe to speak their truth even if we don’t agree.

We value Collaboration. We believe the best ideas arise when we put our best selves forward and explore new territory together.

We value Success. The type of success we encourage here at Soul Driven Success is one that allows for human flaws and human greatness.

Our Vision For You

We believe that it is imperative for you to have a vision that pulls you forward into greater and greater expressions of yourself… a vision that brings your best into the world and leaves the world a better place as your legacy.

About Our Team

Kat at Pulpit

Kat Knecht CPCC, PCC

I started my life coaching business with a passion to change the world! My vision was to empower entrepreneurs in their work in a way that allowed their full self-expression and strengths to be utilized.

I loved this work and knew enough about business to make a living as a life coach for many years. I was also hired as a leader for the Coaches Training Institute for their business development program back in 2002. I later began leading their CoActive Certification program, and currently am on the faculty as a leader for their core curriculum. 

I love working with these coaches and it inspired me to create programs in my own business to help professional coaches with their business.

I hit an income and fulfillment ceiling and couldn’t seem to break through to the kind of business success that brought consistent income and attracted the coaches I most wanted to work with.

Then I had a financial crisis and I could no longer coast along. I needed to increase my income or close the doors of my business. That’s when I revisited a miracle that had saved my life many years earlier. I unpacked this miracle to finally crack the code of integrating my soul's guidance with proven business strategies. I was able to apply the exact way of thinking that I had used to save my life to save my life coaching business.

Within a year, I had doubled my client base and within 3 years my husband Curtis was able to quit his job and join me in our business. To expand my joy and my impact in the world, I became an ordained interfaith minister in 2016. Now I have brought it all together - my life’s lessons, my experience in business and my spiritual wisdom - to create a Business Academy that helps professional coaches succeed in business in a way that fulfils their soul’s purpose.


Curtis Knecht, LMFT, CPCC

I've worked as a Life & Relationship Coach for 18 years and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for 40. I've learned a lot about what we call "trouble" in that time. 

What I love about trouble are the opportunities it offers us:

  • To deepen our self-awareness
  • To remind us that we are always the co-creators of our lives
  • To learn and grow in new & healthy ways
  • To accept, have compassion and love ourselves just as we are
  • To laugh at our common humanity
  • And to know the truth so it can set us free

My passion is finding the “sweet spot” of healing that empowers folks to choose healthy and fulfilling ways of being.

I use humor, fierce love, self-awareness, homework, accountability and lots of experience to support my clients as they heal, learn & grow.

In addition, I'm in love with my wife, our four amazing adult children and our cat, Coconut. 

I believe the world is out of balance and has been for many generations, but particularly so now (just take a look around for a moment at the suffering and strife in our human relationships and in the earth's weather systems).

I believe we can hold this imbalance lightly: with compassion, a sense of humor and a clear vision for its healing. 

I believe much of this suffering comes from us having been shaped and operating under a masculine paradigm for millennia. It's so ubiquitous that, just as the fish in the ocean may not notice the water in which they swim, we are blind to its impact on our experience in so many areas of our lives. 

I believe the world is crying out for balance - to be shaped and led by the powerful feminine that’s in all of us. I am committed to supporting women who choose to take inspiring leadership roles in their lives and businesses, fully expressing what’s in their soul and infusing our world with a healing feminine energy.

I believe the healthy masculine role is to fully support this paradigm shift out of the dominant masculine and  into a balanced partnership led by the feminine... to step back from the old ways and fully step into the new. 

I believe the time, and the opportunity, is now. 

What do you believe? 

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