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Imagine having a business that aligns your soul’s purpose with proven business strategies that help you succeed at the work you love!


My Story...

I loved this new profession and knew enough about being an entrepreneur to make a living as a life coach for many years.

I was hired as a leader for the Co-Active Training Institute for their business development program back in 2002. I later began leading their Co-Active Certification program, and currently am on the faculty as a leader for their core curriculum.

Working with the CTI coaches in training inspired me to support them by developing programs to help professional coaches with their business.

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Then I Hit a Ceiling

As I grew in the profession, I hit an income and fulfillment ceiling that I couldn’t seem to get past. 

I knew I wanted the kind of business success that brought consistent income, personal joy and attracted the people I most wanted to work with.

I sensed that something was missing.

On top of that, a financial crisis hit me... which meant I could no longer coast along.

I needed to increase my income or close the doors of my business.


Here's What I Did Next...

That’s when I revisited a miracle that had saved my life many years earlier. I unpacked this miracle to finally crack the code of integrating my soul's guidance with proven business strategies.

I was able to apply the exact way of thinking that I had used to save my life to save my life coaching business.

Within a year, I had doubled my client base and within 3 years my husband Curtis was able to quit his job and join me in our business.

To expand my joy and my impact in the world, I became an ordained interfaith minister in 2016. That same year, Curtis and I wrote our book, The Soul Search, which tells the story of that miracle... along with the journey through our life and business.

After working with business coaches and taking part in many programs, I discovered something else that had been holding me back. I had been doing many of  the right business building activities at the wrong time!

 The 4 Stages of a Coaching Business was born!

Now I have brought it all together - my life’s lessons, my experience in business and my spiritual wisdom - to create a Business Academy that helps professional coaches succeed in business in a way that fulfills their soul’s purpose.

I'd love to help you with your coaching business today.

What People Say About Kat

Abigail for website

It is essential that your guide has walked the path ahead of you so she can help you avoid the pitfalls and you can learn from a successful coach who has real life business experience.

Thank you so much for your amazing visioning partnership. Your ability to hold space for both possibility and clarity is unparalleled. I am feeling super lucky to have you in my life. 

Abigail Morgan Prout
Spiral-Leadership Coaching


Learning about the aspects of business such as marketing and sales can seem far from the coaching passion of helping people and changing the world…..that is if you don’t have a leader who matches your values.

Kat is brilliant at making clear what may feel murky. She has an uncanny ability to help you reach deep inside to your wisest and most passionate, personal truths. From there your path will become clear and you will find you have a partner and guide empowering you as you bring your dreams to fruition. Kat is one of the most gifted coaches with whom I have ever worked, delivering high value and results.


Now Is The Time For You To Act!

If you are being called to a higher level of success in your coaching, I would love to talk with you to see if me and my programs are a fit. 

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