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Are you ready to do what it takes to stay true to yourself and prosper in your coaching business... so that you succeed at the work you love... the work that is changing the world?


The Promise...

True success at a business you love is a quest worth pursuing… one that calls you to be your highest self.

Anything truly worthwhile not only calls you forth, but also reveals the inner and outer obstacles that no longer serve and will block your success.

What if you knew that engaging directly with these obstacles and old patterns is the springboard for your success?

That clearing them out of the way will open the path you’ve always wanted to take with your work?

This path leads up a mountain you can’t climb on your own! If you choose to go for it, I am here to help you to the very top of the mountain that you need to climb.

Together we will do the work needed for you to reach the heights your soul longs for you to achieve.

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Have You Hit a Wall in Your Coaching Business?

You get that empty feeling that comes when you've lost touch with your deeper purpose.

This is what it feels like when the soul wants to expand into its highest expression and the ego puts on the brakes.

You realize that inner work is needed at this point... inner work to clear the way so you can move forward and achieve your soul’s deepest yearning.

You’ve succeeded in many areas of your life and work.

And yet, when you get in touch with what you really want to do in your coaching business, you realize that you’ve hit a wall that has stopped you in your tracks.

When you become aware of what it will take to move past this wall, you find yourself checking out.


Same Thing Happened To Me

As a young man, I was standing in the hallowed halls of Stanford University on a dark winter's morning when I hit my first wall.

I was attending Stanford because it was my family’s alma mater. My parents had high hopes for me becoming a doctor, attorney or businessman to carry on the family tradition of success.

In that moment, though, I knew I could no longer live their dream. It wasn’t working for me to follow a path that was not mine.

Instead of turning right into my organic chemistry classroom, I turned left and exited the building into an unknown future.

I never went back.

My soul was longing for me to make a difference in how humans engaged with difficult emotional issues. My sister’s suicide was a wake up call that led me to the work of my heart. Helping people face and overcome suffering so they could find peace within themselves and engage fully with the world.

I became licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist and worked hard helping people in this way for many years. Eventually though, I knew something was missing for me in this work.

I believe we are all called to continually expand into our highest selves, to have a meaningful impact in the world. I wanted to help people achieve that. I learned about life coaching and became certified as a CoActive Coach.

I worked for years to integrate the two modalities into an offer that helps people face and heal from emotional pain and then move forward into a purposeful life.

On a personal level, I found I needed to heal myself in order to help others. I went on a spiritual quest that has included Native American ceremonies, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Buddhism and New Thought spirituality.

I also did a lot of relationship and emotional healing work to learn to manage my own pain and emotional reactivity.

To put it simply, I’ve learned a ton about how to support and guide others on the journey of the soul.

In the halls of Stanford all those years ago, one path I strongly rejected was my family history of pursuing business simply for the sake of financial success, prestige or position.

I believed that “success” meant selling out on my soul.

It turns out that I threw the baby out with the bathwater. My soul kept calling me to the importance of having greater positive impact in the world, ironically enough, by being successful as a business person doing meaningful, heart-based work!

The greater the business success, I learned, the greater the positive impact with others. The Universe has a great sense of humor.

When Kat and I landed on the idea and philosophy of soul driven success, I knew I had discovered the focus of my legacy work: to guide people in the way I had been guided… to be successful at a business that has a positive impact, a business that inhabits soul driven success.

I find this to be a vulnerable place to take a stand… and I am fully committed.

Nothing Wakes Us Up Like Hitting A Wall

Weirdly enough, hitting a wall is the ideal time to stop and take a look at what your soul desires for you at that point in your life.

It may require you to change habits which no longer serve and to learn new ways of dealing with internal and external challenges.

It’s never easy to move past obstacles and take the leap into a new level of success. It takes commitment, fortitude, skill and a good sense of humor.

We can’t do this alone, though, and that’s just a true thing.

We need support, perspective and guidance from others to see what we can’t see, stay present to difficult experiences and to help us go where we can’t go alone.

That’s where the work I do enters the picture.

With my guidance, you will learn healthy and healing ways to deal with shame, triggered reactivity, fears, old wounds, lifetime self-defeating patterns and places that have always blocked your success.

When you move the obstacles out of the way, your soul will know exactly what to do. Your inner wisdom and knowledge will take over.

You’ll enter the flow of what you’re meant to do and the power and joy of that is priceless.


What People Say About Curtis's Work

Curtis is warm, empathetic, and firm in his coaching. Just what I need and when I need it! - S. T.

Curtis is both an amazing therapist and coach. We have worked in and out of both modalities over our two years together - the flexibility of his skill set being able to dip into both areas of expertise, as my life has called for each, has been wonderful. I am also a certified coach, and am continually impressed with his approach and partnership. The results of our work together have been nothing short of life altering. - L. T.

Curtis helped me listen to a small voice telling me to not make a huge mistake and to turn up the volume on another voice singing a song of beauty and lifelong contentment. What was also nice about working with Curtis is that he and I both recognized when I (we) had won and when it was time to quit. I will be forever grateful to Curtis. - B. L.

Curtis's Areas of Expertise

Some of the results you will experience when you work with Curtis

Cultivate Vulnerability, Compassion, Gratitude and Self-Love

These are qualities of the soul that correlate highly with a living a fulfilling life... qualities which trigger fear in the ego because uncertainty, risk and hurt are guaranteed when you follow this path in your life and especially in your work.

Most work cultures have very low inventories of vulnerability, compassion, gratitude and self-love. Soul Driven Success is a commitment to infusing our work with them.

Listen to Your Soul’s Purpose & Honor Your Core Values

In your work with me, we'll explore the questions: "What is your soul's purpose?", "What is a 'soul' anyway?", "What are the core values that guide your life?", "How do you honor these in the work you do?" and similar ones.

Without a solid foundation in your purpose and values, your fears and the resulting behaviors will guide your life.

Foster a Habit of Appreciation for Your Highest Self

So often, we avoid allowing ourselves to appreciate who we are, what we do and how we do it. Developing this habit will transform your inner life, which will show up in a powerful way in all that you do.

Uncover the Learning from Your Successes and Strengths

Building on self-appreciation, our work will identify your strengths and challenge you to own your successes in a way that continually builds on them.

When I use the word, "success", I mean it in the way Maya Angelou used it: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it."

Best definition ever!!

Discover Important Lessons from Past Mistakes and Failures

The focus of the work here is about naming what didn't work and allowing the full impact of past failures and mistakes to be experienced in a safe space.

With the whole purpose being to clear the negative energy (guilt, shame, regret, resentment, etc.) so that the meaning and learning can shine through to guide you in new ways.

It's a powerful "Name It To Tame It" process.

Learn to Navigate Difficult Conversations Successfully

This is so important to learn. How often do you avoid the difficult conversations that are an essential part of a fulfilling life? How often does not having them get in the way of moving forward in your work and life?

Never easy to do but always so productive and fulfilling when done.

Become Masterful at Shifting Out of Your Triggered Reactivity

Our soul's journey keeps urging us deeper and deeper into the unknown. The human mind, when faced with the unknown, is triggered into some form or version of fearful reactivity. Over time we develop unconscious patterns based on this dynamic. 

Most of those patterns, being fear-based to keep us safe and protected, limit our heart's desires and keep us playing small or just numbed out. 

There's nothing sweeter than the empowered feeling of learning to manage our triggered reactions.

Identify and Shift Out of Self-Defeating Patterns

Most of the self-defeating patterns we develop are out of our awareness. We notice the results that we keep getting and learn to tolerate them or change the behaviors for a while before finding ourselves back in them.

Our work will unearth and explore these patterns in a way that honors their original purposes (usually to keep us safe or deal with uncomfortable situations) and then replaces them with patterns that honor our values and purpose now.

Stay Present with Discomfort to Achieve a Higher Purpose

Some of my biggest lessons in life have been the result of learning this one: how to stay present when learning and growing into a better version of myself... to stay present when I am incompetent, when I fail, when I realize that the "enemy" I imagine to be "out there" is actually in me... (ouch!)

All those times when we need to be present to what is... and "what is" is not comfortable, may be downright painful... but it's what's needed in order to make an important change in your life.

This one's a doozy and I love it.

There are two types of private coaching packages to choose from:

  • Three 45-minute sessions per month for $500/month
  • Two 45-minute sessions per month for $350/month

All packages are subscription-based and include:

  • One on one sessions
  • Life changing materials
  • Membership in our community

These sessions will take place on Zoom, phone or in person, depending on your preference, and are billed monthly & automatically via credit card.

All Private Coaching and Program Clients Bonuses

  • Monthly hour-long Zoom calls covering soul driven success business development
  • Inspiring and Useful Training Videos
  • “Keep the Momentum Going” downloadable Exercises
  • Membership in our Private Facebook Community Page

Current Clients & Clients Who Have Completed a Program or Private Coaching Package

Current clients can always purchase an extra session for $175. Clients who have completed a program or coaching package can buy private coaching subscriptions in three-month intervals and are eligible for a subscription that includes one session/month @ $200/month.

If You're A New Client

There is an initial six-month commitment to insure that your investment in time, energy and money gets the results you are seeking.

After six months, you can purchase three-month packages ongoing.

Now Is The Time For You To Act!

Imagine making confident choices in the new territory you have longed for. You have reached that wonderful moment of truth as you achieve a new level of success.

It is truly gratifying to know you have overcome obstacles that have blocked you in the past.

You now have the skills to tame your shadow side, set good boundaries and solve the problems that used to stop you.

You not only love your work but you feel the joy of living your soul’s purpose as your business grows and flourishes.

You are living in the flow of your soul’s purpose!

This is the time to take the leap. Call me today for a free consultation.

Find out what becomes possible with a committed partner in your corner.

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