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Evolve Your Coaching Business

While many coaches long to have a positive impact on the world and help their clients create a fulfilling life, an alarming number of them fail because they don’t learn how to move from the love of coaching to the joy of running a successful business.

Evolve Your Coaching Business offers proven tools and strategies that align with your values and desire to be of service.

Learn from real life examples and inspiring stories that will guide you step-by-step to creating a soulful and successful coaching business.

There has never been a better time to be a coach. People are awake to the fact that it’s time to go for their dreams. And as a coach, your strength is connecting with people to elicit transformation.

This book will show you how to use that very same strength—along with your skills, talent, and passion—to evolve your coaching business into a prosperous, lifelong career.

Evolve Your Coaching Business
at a glance

Part 1

Heart & Soul

Create a compelling vision that is based on your values and what is in your heart. This vision will keep you motivated and moving forward for years to come.
Part 2

Business Evolution in Four Stages

Learn the four stages of a coaching business. Knowing what stage you are in and the activities that will help you build your business in each one will save you gobs of time and money.
Part 3

Marketing Your Way

It is a myth that marketing is hard. The truth is marketing is about creating relationships. Using proven strategies that work for you is the key.
Part 4

Attract A Crowd

Coaches are brilliant at enrolling people with their passion for the work they do. Learn the variety of ways you can connect with people using your talents and unique delivery style.
Part 5

Business Essentials

Having systems and structures to hold your business and keep things moving will leave you the time and energy to do what you love most – to coach.
Part 6

Group & Online Programs

Expand your reach and your income. Grow beyond one-on-one coaching. Learn everything you need to create a successful and profitable group offer.
Part 7

Keep Your Business Alive!

A business is like a plant. It needs to be nourished in order to keep on growing. Learn how to stay engaged with your business over time while at the same time growing yourself.
Part 8


The "Being" part of running a business is often neglected. This leads to overwhelm and burnout way too often. The solution is to tend to yourself with just as much care and attention as you do your business.
Part 9

The Value of Community

Success never happens in a vacuum. The best kind is created with kindred spirits. Discover the importance of making and fostering relation- ships that will help you evolve your business and keep you connected to your purpose.

Learn from 20+ years of personal experience.

When I began my coaching career over 20 years ago, it was full of hard work, mistakes, and learning. I would love to tell you I built a successful business easily and effortlessly, but that wasn’t my story.

That is… until I learned I could listen to my inner wisdom when I used proven business strategies and started doing the small things that brought me my greatest success.

In turn, that led me to the discovery of the four stages of a coaching business which, when followed, make the journey to success easier and even fun!

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