Together We Go Far!

You have probably heard this quote that has been attributed to an African Proverb. 

Alone we go fast, together we go far. 

I was thinking about this today as I look back on the workshop I led yesterday. A group of amazing coaches gathered to work on their business…TOGETHER. 

I had great content, and I love leading groups through this type of training. I trust they will always receive value. But what really made this workshop special was the community of coaches who took part. 

It is magical what happens when we come together in community to support and learn from one another. 

Learning and growing is so much more fun and fruitful in the company of kindred spirits. 

The insights are multiplied by 100, and there is something special about experiential learning that nothing else can compare to. 

I learned this lesson at the beginning of my coaching career. I was newly planted in Los Angeles after living most of my adult life in a small town back east.

I had just started my coaching business and was not only lost in this strange city, I was struggling to adjust to being an entrepreneur sitting all by myself in my lonely office. 

Luckily, I was introduced to a couple of amazing coaches who ended up becoming my business partners and good friends. Laura, Brad and I started something we called “Office Hours” where we invited coaches we knew to get together to work. 

We did our own individual work together, sitting in my living room. We also brainstormed ideas for each other, processed our frustrations and had so much fun! 

As my business grew from that experience, I knew that community was the way I wanted to work forevermore. 

I am a part of many wonderful communities. The Co-Active community, ICF communities and The Soul Driven Success community of coaches. I wouldn’t want to do this life any other way. 

If you were not able to attend my workshop yesterday and take part in this experience, but you are yearning to have a connection to other coaches… It’s not too late.

When you are ready to be in a community with people who care as much as you do about their business and the world, I encourage you to join us. It’s FREE and FREEING! Details are below. 

Here is what I leave you with: 

If you don’t already have one, it is worth the effort to find a community so that you can go far!

Look around at the interconnections in your life.

Who are your people? 

Where do you feel part of something bigger? 

Family? Friends? Colleagues? Learning circles? Workplace? Neighborhood? Dog park folks? Animals? Nature? Sky and clouds? Lake and ocean? Workout pals? Dinner guests? Intimates? Teachers? Students? Clients? Coaches? Gurus? Spiritual companions? 

Community is everywhere, isn’t it? 

Notice all the places you feel connected and part of a larger community. 

Who do you become? 

What becomes possible in the space of those interconnections? Empowered by the community’s emotional field? 

Kat Recommends

For those of you who couldn’t make the workshop, there is a video recording of the full event in our member portal. 

This workshop was a complete training on how to identify a niche, craft a message and  choose the marketing channel to broadcast to your ideal clients. 

The workshop community created a unique energy field within which this challenging work was done in an inspired way. 

When you are ready, I invite you to join my free community and view the video. You will also find other great training materials for coaches, and there are a lot of fabulous coaches you will get to meet. It’s a lively and welcoming community of learning and growing as professional coaches.

You can take part in our new game to win valuable business coaching, social media training and more! 

Join our free community today                                    

P.S.  I will be there to welcome you!

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