Do You Want To Play In?

Do you want to play in? I have set the date…  

It’s October 15th, next Monday!!

The invitations are ready to send. Your name could be on the list

Will you play in with me on my big dayThe virtual place has been chosen…

I am committed to the love of my life..

The love of my Business life that is!

It does feel a lot like my wedding day as a matter of fact. I have the same man beside me in this project as I did on New Years Eve almost 13 years ago.

Here are a few words from that man… my husband Curtis… who is my partner in this business launch of our new project: 

Soul Driven Success – Business Academy for Women Coaches!

“My vision for Kat’s Academy is that it empowers women to succeed in the marketplace on their own terms. So often, women give up on their dreams. They play small and don’t go for the success they deserve. 

I believe that the world is crying out for strong feminine leadership. The growing power of feminine leaders with financial influence will change the world in unimaginable ways.

 I believe it will ultimately lead to a new, love-based way of being for men and for women… and for all the other genders that exist.”

This launch also has that magical feeling that something is about to happen that is much bigger than I am. Something filled with love and laughter that will benefit everyone who joins in.

Will you play in?

I know this day is going to be a game changer for me and others… and hopefully you. I hope you will be there too. I promise you it will be fun…there will be prizes and surprises along the way for everyone who joins in our new endeavor.

I know I can’t do this alone….none of us can… I want people in my corner whom I can also champion as they make their dreams real. 

Do you like to contribute your own brilliance for something worthwhile? Then I hope you will join in!

That is the kind of launch this is going to be… this is a win win invitation.

Over the next 6 weeks, I will be offering a complementary business visioning session that will help you grow your business, complete a project, listen to the wisdom of your soul and more.

What are you beginning? What is it you would like to launch? What creative project is just waiting for the right time, support and inspiration? Is now the time? Maybe even today?

This launch party is for you too. I want to know what support you need to launch something that comes from your heart. A launch that is based in your soul’s wisdom.

Then I will craft the prizes and surprises specifically for those needs. We are in this together. 

Do you want to play in?

I will be launching Soul Driven Success – Business Academy for Women Coaches on October 15th and I want you there with me!

In Spirit, that is.

Here is just a little of WHY this is important to me.

I believe that it’s time for women to stand in their power, shine their light and bring forward their brilliant gifts to the world… as women, not as women trying to fit into a masculine paradigm but as open-hearted, smart, competent and collaborative women who are willing to lead from THERE..

I believe this is what the planet needs right now!

I believe that my greatest gift is to help women do this as business women.

I believe that women who identify themselves as “coaches” are being called to change the world, each in her own unique way.

I believe that women coaches are on the front lines of spreading feminine power, light and wisdom as creators of transformational products & experiences.

I believe they need a home, a community in which they can learn and grow together with kindred spirits.

A place that is collaborative and nurturing, where they can let their hair down… and be called to their highest selves.

A place where business can be FUN!

A place they can build a solid business foundation that includes listening to their soul as well as learning about marketing, sales, and business systems.

A place that offers courses on creating a strong business foundation, managing group coaching programs, visioning, manifesting and creating products that will make a business profitable and long lasting.

A place where it is  safe to fall, as well as to rise. Building a business is not for sissies!

A place where their feminine wisdom,  sassy selves, their witchy ways are welcomed.

My invitation to you is this:

Do you want to play in and support this vision?

By holding my vision with your loving energy?

By sending women coaches you know my way?

By taking part in the community to get support yourself?

By offering your own gifts?

Let me know if you say YES to this invitation to be a part of my vision for amazing women succeeding in business. 

What would be most useful to you? What could I offer that would support you to achieve your dream? 

I invite you to play in… in any way that inspires you… I look forward to hearing from you!

Take a sneak peek at the Academy’s new website, Soul Driven Success. 

Click the link below if you want to be play in! 

Here’s the LINK that will add you to the list of people playing in with Soul Driven Success 

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