Everything Is Made Up

Have you ever headed into a new business venture knowing you needed to choose the right niche because that’s where your success lives… and you get overwhelmed?

There are so many different opinions and you need to make sure your choice is right for YOU!

If you want to bypass all the noise and get clarity today on your niche, I have a free gift for you at the end of this message!

Here is how I figured out how to find out the truth about niches and other important things in life.

It starts with a song by one of my favorite singers, Todd Snider, that is both funny and hits on a truth. It’s called Statisticians Blues.

In his edgy way, Todd reminds us that Everything is made up! Even things we think are rock-solid… like statistics.

Here’s Todd poking fun at our irrational trust of numbers.

“64 percent of all the world’s statistics are made up right there on the spot…
82.4 percent of people believe ’em whether they’re accurate statistics or not”

The paradox runs deep when you consider this…if it is all made up, then what can you count on? Since it is mere humans calculating, all those statistics, and you know how we humans are….

What is actually 100% true??? If we can’t believe statistics what can we believe?

It may seem simple… but I use the following process to know what’s true,
for me. I used it to create the free bonus report you will find at the end of this message.

Here it is: I notice how I feel.

When presented with any kind of fact, story, evidence… I pay attention to how I feel. There is usually a deeper truth that lies beyond the facts. It could come when I ask the question, “What’s important about this?”

Often, it doesn’t matter what the exact fact is or if events happened precisely as stated.

It makes sense that everything is made up because we all have our own perceptions of reality. We all filter experiences and even hard cold facts through our own lens based on what we know, the place we live, the knowledge we have.

You know the quote, “knowledge is power”. I say both “Yes” and “No” to it….

“Yes” it’s good to be informed! Having knowledge can empower you when you know how something really works.

“No”….if all we needed was knowledge, Google would have solved all the worlds problems by now!

So, If everything truly is All Made Up then it is your job is to decide what YOU make of it.

This became an important concept to me recently as I began creating the curriculum for one of my new courses.

Knowing about profitable niches is something essential for the women I help.

I went looking for facts that I thought would be useful for them to know so they could make a good choice for their businesses.

I wanted to help them find a niche that made their hearts sing and their bank account swell!

I ran into this very dilemma. It seemed the more I dug into the facts, the more I found it was all made up. There was a lot of information…believe me this topic has been explored plenty! I found much conflicting and what seemed like biased facts.

Until I hit on a truth for myself that I hope will be helpful for you. I let go of thinking someone else had the answer for me. When I did this I started having fun! I began discerning which reports felt authentic. It felt good making my own choice about who and what to believe.

Since It’s All Made Up……..

You need to bring your own thoughts, knowledge, wisdom, intuition and experience into play in order to discern your own truth. At the same time it is also useful to be open to learning something new.

Be curious and have childlike wonder about the possibilities you hadn’t considered. It is this paradoxical way of being that I believe will give you the best results and the most fulfilling kind of success.

I did come up with what I believe to be an accurate and very useful guide to find your ideal coaching niche! See how this feels to you.

The 6 Top Niches for Women Coaches – Download this Valuable Guide

It is my free gift to you today. Let me know how it works for you in service of your own version of success!

If you would like to have help choosing your ideal niche contact me for a business vision session today!


It’s all made up…so be sure to make up something good!

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