Where Are You Being Called?

Is there something that you are being called to do… or to be? 

Something you are being called to leave behind or step into… in your life right now?

Have you ever had that moment when you realize you are being called to make a change?

This call does not come from the Ego which avoids change at all cost.
It likes to keep us in our comfort zone, seemingly in charge and looking good for all the world to see.

This call comes from the Soul.

The Soul cares nothing about comfort or looking good. It cares about you. There is a particular feeling I notice when my Soul is calling me forward into an expansion of who I really am.

It’s a call to open the door and do more of what I am here to do.

Often this call surprises me!
I was surprised when I was called to work with relationships after experiencing a messy divorce. I was surprised to be called to become a minister and to give sermons after an adulthood spent fearing public speaking.

But when I answered that call it led to one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life that continues with every sermon I deliver.

Today I am being called once more… and it came as a surprise.

I was in my dining room doing an exercise for the business building course I am in. This particular exercise was to be done using a spreadsheet which I really don’t like so I asked Curtis to fill in the little boxes.

The exercise came with a warning… the results could be counted on 100%.

If I didn’t really want to see what I was being called to do next, I could have heeded the warning and just skipped it.

But I was intrigued, and I did want to know if there was something better for me than my current business model.

Curtis filled in all the boxes with the answers I gave and then announced the results.

According to these findings, my Soul’s desire was to start a business school for coaches.

It was right there in black and white.

I knew it was right by how my heart took a leap and yet felt relaxed at the same time. Have you ever had that happen?

When you are called by your Soul, it’s often a paradoxical experience. Excitement and Relaxation happen simultaneously.
My ego and my mind were not so happy.
This was NOT what “I” had been expecting.

I worked hard in seminary and finding my way onto the sermon circuit.
For nine years, I’ve cultivated and loved the transformational coaching offerings that I have been privlidged  to do with people that inspire me every day.

Now I’m to open a school? To teach? Women coaches? A business school? My mind boggled. My ego attacked. My Soul quietly said, “yes.”

What I realize is that nothing is lost.
I will use all that I have accomplished from the past in my new work: I will use my relationship coaching and the spiritual processes I have developed to teach other coaches. I will teach all I have learned about leading and marketing group coaching.

I will offer a feminine mastermind group I call the Women’s Alchemy Circle
The women in my school will have a place to be in community and to get the ongoing support they need.

For my business classes, I bring my own experience of business success along with working with hundreds of coaches on their businesses…  and the knowledge gleaned from nine years of training coaches for the Coaches Training Institute’s Certification Program.

Have you ever found that, when you are being called to let go and step forward, it’s easy to discount the value you bring to others?
That it’s really hard to let go and trust that nothing is really ever lost?

I know that I am being called to let go of how I have done my work up until now and take a leap into the Unknown.

My heart keeps being thrilled with the shift.

 I know I can take my hard-earned wisdom, talent and skills, together with my clear passion for empowering women to succeed in the world
of coaching…
 so they too can fulfill their Soul’s purpose and pass on their wisdom to others.

As uncomfortable as I am with this change…
I would love to have others by my side, so we can cheer each other on toward our Souls’ highest expressions.

Maybe right this minute – as you are reading this – you realize you, too, are being called.
Your Soul is asking you to take a leap of faith, perhaps one that you truly want to take.

If so, then I say let’s do it together! Anything and Everything is possible when we do it together.
What support do you need to make your leap?

Who do you have on your team that you know you can count on?
I would be delighted to be on your support team and have you on mine.

I would love to hear how you make the leap so please leave a comment on my blog page or reply to this email.  

Here’s a toast to you and to wherever you are being called!

1 thought on “Where Are You Being Called?”

  1. Denise Van Arsdale-West

    I believe it’s time to have a conversation with you regarding the direction that I am being lead to…the possibility of becoming a Spiritual Coach. I’m open to a coaching session if you think that we need the time to discuss this or whatever way we can communicate.
    After landing on your website, something stuck a cord with me!
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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