It Was a Game Changer!

I had one of those game-changer moments just last week that I will tell you about in a minute. A real game actually. But first, the story that came to me today – as I thought of all the moments in the last few years that were game changers – this one stood out. 

It was early January and Curtis and I were looking at our vision board for the year. I think it was 2018. 

We had put a beautiful church right in the middle of that vision board. We wrote the words: 

“We Create Community”

At that time, I was a newly anointed interfaith minister. I had just published my first book, The Soul Search, with a tagline, A Spiritual Philosophy & Practical Tool. 

I had my sights on creating my own spiritual community. Then came the Game Changer!

I asked for guidance as I often do when something doesn’t feel right. 

Something was off about this beautiful vision. The guidance was a shocker to me as those game-changer insights usually are. 

My community was not going to be a church in the usual sense. My church was supposed to be a business academy for coaches. Seemed like a radical change to me and I had a lot of resistance. I wanted a spiritual community. 

What I found, though, was that I was guided to an amazing community of people

 A community of passionate people who were committed to bringing positive change to the world through their work. 

The game changer for me was not the work I was meant to do. I knew I was meant to create a community of kindred spirits. 

The guidance led me to a different kind of church and a very special type of community. Not what I had expected, but it was the right community. 

I promised to clue you into the other part of this game-changing message

What I have found over these 5 years as I have grown my business is that the community I have created is what I love most about my work. That has never ceased to amaze me. 

My latest guidance has been to create a GAME for my community. A GAME that encourages them to engage with each other, bring their best to their work and create success together. 

A GAME that has a win-win purpose for everyone who PLAYS. 

I am launching this GAME as a part of my upcoming workshop on April 24th. I would love to have you join me. Details are below. More information will be coming in the weeks ahead. 

I will leave you with this. 

What are the game-changing moments that have brought you into new territory? 

What might be a game changer now if you opened up to guidance? 

  1. When something doesn’t feel right, stop trying to push forward. Instead, open to guidance. 
  2. When you receive the game-changer message, it is natural to feel resistance. 
  3. Check-in with how you are feeling. That gut feeling is the one to trust.
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