Spring Cleaning to Evolve Your Coaching Business

This is part two of my Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Business series. The following is a continuation of the excerpt from my book Evolve Your Coaching Business

The next time this principle (cleaning out the closet) showed up in my life was when I was taking a class at my church. One of the steps in this prosperity program was to look at everything I had, and I mean EVERYTHING, in my house, in my head, in my finances, and in my heart.

In this program, it was called the Law of Circulation, a spiritual law that states we must continually clean out what no longer serves us to make way for something better.

Even though I had my previous life-changing experience of cleaning things out and lightening all areas of my life, I saw that I had not made this a regular habit.

I didn’t hold onto stuff the way I used to, but I hadn’t made it an ongoing practice to look at what I had and make good choices about what works for me now and what needs to go.

When I took on this new habit, once again my life was transformed. It was at that point that I institutionalized this habit in all areas of my life. It’s an ongoing process just like brushing my teeth.

I need to do it every day.

The areas that are most important to attend to daily are my thoughts. Clearing out my fears, resentments, and limited beliefs, each and every day, leaves me feeling full of joy, no matter what my circumstances are. 

That’s the kicker for me. We have some idea that it is getting stuff that will make us happy when actually it’s being in a flow of giving and receiving that is truly fulfilling.

Cleaning out my financial closet has become a weekly ritual and cleaning out my relationship closet is one I keep an eye on and make sure I assess on a monthly basis at the very least.

There is also the physical cleaning out of my body and of my home. Keeping these sanctuaries clean is one of the easiest ways to stay on track with everything important in my life.

All of this cleaning out works together.

I have noticed that when I am cleaning out a physical space, I discover another area that needs to be cleared out.

When I have only what I love and need in my physical space, I naturally am compelled to have only what I love and need in my relationship space…and so it goes.

When it comes to your business, remember that a good place to start is to look at what you have.

So often, we jump over this crucial step. We want things to be different or we want them to remain the same, and either way we don’t take the time to see what we have so we can make good choices about what to do with it.

There is really no such thing as don’t have. There are things, experiences, and relationships that we have now and those we desire to have in the future. It’s ALL what we HAVE.

The thinking of don’t have puts us in the territory of lack and limitation. There are always going to be things we can say we don’t have…hundreds and millions of things.

Focusing on what we don’t have only makes us feel powerless and distracts us from our true creative power. Think about this for a minute.

In a coaching business, it is important to start by looking at what you have now and have experienced in the past that you have carried with you.

Look at the experiences you think of as good AND bad, the relationships that have worked out and those that didn’t.

Another place that needs cleaning out are dreams you had that never came to fruition Are you holding onto old dead dreams that will block you from creating new dreams that are even better and more fulfilling? 

I encourage you to look around your life, right now, at what you might want to clean out.”

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Part 2 of Cleaning Out Your Business Closet

In part one you took a look at everything you had and sorted things. 

  1. What’s working… to keep. 
  2. What’s not… to let go of.
  3. What gaps needed filling. 

Now it is time to take action. 

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What will help you build on things that are already working? 
  • What do you want to evolve? 
  • What will help you let go of bad habits, old activities that don’t serve or people who no longer are a match for your business? 
  • What is the number one gap that, if filled, would evolve your business to the next level? 
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