when manifesting meets marketing

I woke up on my birthday morning last week with a delightful feeling.

Although I love celebrating my birthday, this feeling seemed to have nothing to do with that special occasion. The feeling came from a dream I had.

It was – of all things – a dream about marketing!

The dream took me back in time about 15 years to when I was studying marketing intently to take my coaching business to a new level.

One of the marketing gurus I was following at the time was Jay Abraham. I was particularly excited by some of his ideas… and one in particular.

He suggested doing something that seemed kind of wacky. I am a wacky woman so this appealed to me!

This wacky idea was to send people something in the mail. To surprise them.

This too is something for which I have a high value. A wacky surprise. The last part of this marketing idea, though, was mine… and what my dream had been all about.

One of my favorite manifesting principles is to create from what you HAVE.

Sounds simple enough, but if you look at the times when you are unhappy, disgruntled, feeling hopeless and the like, I believe you will see you are focusing on something you DON’T have.

The real life story… that I believe my birthday dream was nudging me to remember went like this…

I was playing with this idea of doing something wacky and sending a surprise and wondering what on earth it would be when I happened to look around me.

There in my living room were 100 brand new books. I had been gifted these books by Mark Victor Hanson of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame.

What if I sent these books to people? Now THAT would be a surprise, for sure!

After enrolling Curtis in the idea of sending the books, we created a little marketing flyer to go inside. This flyer gave some details of a program we were launching as well as some insight into the value of the book we were gifting them.

We sent about 30 books out to people we knew as well as complete strangers like Eric Utne publisher of the Utne magazine. Just for fun… a little wacky, like I said.

We followed up with some of the people on our list to see what they thought of the book. Some people contacted us with delightful gratitude for their surprise.

This one marketing effort catapulted us into the next level of business just as I had hoped! Though the idea had come from a marketing genius, it still seemed magical to me at the time.

On my birthday morning last week, though, in my dream about marketing, I saw clearly that it was when this marketing idea met the manifesting principle that magic happened.

The manifesting principle is this:   
Always create from the positive of what you have.

That’s what had me feeling so good on my birthday morning. A reminder of this truth about manifesting.

This one truth ended up being the key to this birthday being one of my best birthdays ever. It shifted me from all my COVID 19 “what I can’t have, don’t have, not possible to have” laments into an exploration all I DID HAVE… and then watching the doors open to surprises and delights all day long.

Things like: my new book outline that just downloaded through me on my brand new iPad… an iPad that just happened to arrive from out of the blue during breakfast… to campgrounds opening that very day and having a local campground all to ourselves that night!

The campfire crackling, the creek frogs croaking, the screech owls screeching and Curtis and I telling the truth into the night under the stars… it was heaven.

Whether it’s a birthday delight, an upgrade in your marketing or something else you are seeking, I suggest you play with this manifesting principal and see what happens.

Take a look around at what you already have, feel the positive energy that lies within… and take it from there.

I would love to know what happens!

All the Best, Kat

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