The Yin and Yang of Time Management

The Yin and Yang of Time Management

This past weekend I had a ball leading a group from my community to create their vision boards. It’s so much fun to start a new year with a vision of how you want things to be. 

I am so inspired by these amazing coaches who have visions of bringing their passion and expertise to the people who will benefit the most. 

Now it’s time for them – and perhaps for you – to get into inspired and consistent action! 

I have a training I call the Yin and Yang of Time Management for this very reason. 

Because now is the time to make your Vision a Reality

Here is a quote from Joel Barker that I love: 

Vision Without Action Is Merely a Dream. 
Action Without Vision Just Passes the Time. 
Vision With Action Can Change the World. 

In my book Evolve Your Coaching Business, I tell the story of my first coaching experience. I was part of a USPS executive team that participated in a Seven Habits of Highly Effective People coaching program. 

I learned a lot about planning and habits in that program. One of the lessons that stands out to this day was called “Magic Hours.” The premise was to find a segment of time that could be used totally for self-reflection and relaxed planning. 

The suggestion was to wake up early, say around 5 AM, and have from 5-8 all to oneself.

I started this exact habit, and it literally changed my life. 

With this time, I did morning journaling, looked at my goals and dreams, and created a working plan that eventually led me to start my own business and quit the postal service. 

Another little habit that brought about a big change for me around the same time came from a book I was reading called The Zone.

The author suggested that the easiest way to begin a new habit was to do the smallest task first without any pressure to go further.

In this case, he was talking about exercise. His suggestion was to simply make a habit of putting on your walking shoes every day at a certain time. 

I chose to try this out. I first chose the time of day. Right after dinner. An easy time to remember. I put on my walking shoes every day after dinner and then I usually felt like at least going outside. 

Once outside, I often started to stroll down my street. Once I was strolling I would find myself enjoying the walk and would walk for a while. 

One of the other suggestions was to simply walk for as long as it felt good and then walk back. Again, no pressure to prove anything. This was simply an easy way to make walking a habit. 

And it worked! 

With those little habits in place – putting on my shoes, walking as far as it felt good, and then walking back – I began a walking habit that I still have today. One of my favorite things to do every day! 

Another habit that comes to mind is my morning writing habit – inspired by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way

I began a daily writing habit. It took me about six months of writing every morning, failing to write every morning, giving it up completely, and then starting again until I found my rhythm. 

That was when I hit the tipping point, after which not writing felt worse than the resistance. It became a habit I no longer even think about. I just do it. It’s been over 25 years of deeply fulfilling daily writing. 

That is what I want for you. 

To create a few habits that, once established, you’ll do without thinking. Meaningful activities. Most of the activities that are required to succeed in business are not hard. 

The hard part is often how we resist doing them! 

When you make something a habit, you bypass that resistance. You no longer have to expend energy deciding if you want to do something or not.

No longer have to go back and forth making choices about how to spend your time, or feeling guilty if you don’t do it. 

When you combine good habits with a working plan, you are in the zone. 

Once you are in action, you will see what works and what doesn’t and make adjustments. The most important thing is that you keep moving and make adjustments along the way to keep aligned with what is working for you and your business. 

Finally, I will end this message with an important question: 

When will you do it? 

I encourage you to bring your vision to reality by putting a couple of new habits on your calendar. Today. 

I can’t wait for you to see your vision made real! 

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