The More Things Change … Does That Mean They Have to Stay the Same?

One thing that is essential for us to remember ...

As coaches and as humans, is that all we have is now.

This is a part of the curriculum I teach for the Coaches Training Institute. We humans have a tendency to live in the past or future and miss the NOW.

Which is a bit sad because all that we have is NOW!

I have had thoughts during these many many months of the pandemic. Thoughts like ... I can’t wait until things get back to normal! And now I am even more challenged by this new normal at times. 

There have been some huge changes in our world these past months. 

Some we embrace. Some we resist. 

I know though that there is no such thing as going back. We only go forward.

There will never be a “back to normal”. We are a changed world. A changed country. We are each changed personally in ways we probably can’t even fathom.

Today I remember why I became a coach and what I truly believe about facing change whether I like it or not. 

We encourage our clients to experience their lives fully — the good, the bad and even the ugly. Because a life fully lived is what really brings joy. It is not the circumstances that shape us. It is how we engage with whatever shows up in our path. 

As we head into this next phase, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. And … we are still in the tunnel. The light we see up there offers healing and hope, yet requires us to be patient and thoughtful toward our fellow human beings.

Instead of looking back and wishing for what used to be, I encourage you to look at what is here now. Now that you have experienced such dramatic change. Who are you now?

The more things change the more you can remain the same person who learns and grows and experiences the full spectrum of life.


One of the most basic but powerful questions we coaches ask our clients is: 

What do you want?

Take some time this week to sit with this question. Maybe on a walk or in your journaling.

I encourage you to ponder that question and really listen to what is in your heart. 

The wisdom of your soul.

Listen to what you hear when you are fully present to the person you have become.

You might be surprised by what you hear!


If you need a coach to help guide you through these changes I have a community of the best coaches ever! They each have different areas of life. They help people face challenges and create dreams. Just drop me a line with the kind of help you are looking for and I will connect you to the coaches who best fit your request. 

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