Radical Choices Are Never Easy … at First!

Radical choices are ones you make based on your values, your vision and what makes your heart sing. They are choices that sometimes run up against what is “NORMAL” — whatever that may be!

What I find important about making a radical choice is that it requires tuning into your guidance system, your own knowing and wisdom. 

Radical choices are not based on other people’s opinions or judgments, nor are they guided by your own inner critic. That is often what makes them hard at first. It is hard not to pay attention to those voices. 

It starts getting easy when you see that the choices you make often lead you to the right next thing on your journey. 

That experience is going to grow you in the direction of your soul’s greatest expression. In other words, your own joy. 

 This is what I mean by Soul Driven Success, the name of my business academy for coaches. I believe this type of success, the type that requires making radical choices, is the kind that will make you truly happy.

I also believe in stating “that was a radical choice I just made,” instead of watering down my viewpoint as I am tempted to do at times.  

Making radical choices are what I want to keep doing and what I want for you as well. To make those radical choices that are sometimes BIG and messy and other times teeny tiny ones that might seem meaningless but yet they spark joy. 

Here is what has this concept front of mind today.  

I am launching a YouTube show next month. I have been playing around with names for the show and imagining how I want to structure it. It is going to be an interview show where I bring on a guest to find out how they are impacting the world in their work. 

One segment of the show will be to ask them to give my followers a hot tip on how to make a radical choice and get into action on their own impactful work.

As is often the case, having made one choice to launch this show has now led to others. 

Have you found this to be true? One important change leads to another. 

 This is why making even small radical choices can have a big impact over the long haul.

For me, the natural change that follows my new show is a change in this blog. 

A couple of years ago I was in a liminal place with my business. It was just taking shape into its current form and I was unsure of what to do with this blog. I decided to name it Kat’s Playbook as a placeholder of a name and focus until I was on solid ground with this iteration of my business. 

I have rather enjoyed this time even with all the challenges involved.

It has given me time to experiment and meander a bit in my messages. A place to play around with my message and engage with people I have known for a long time. 

To meet new people who have an interest in growing their coaching business and having some fun doing it. 

Now though, I know what my business is. My book Evolve Your Coaching Business holds everything I have ever wanted to teach or preach about.

At its heart is the message I hold dear to my own heart. The greatest joy is to listen to your soul, your inner wisdom, honor your values and shoot for the moon! While at the same time making something real in the world using proven strategies. 

I believe that is true no matter what area of life you choose. This is why I loved working with people on relationships and entrepreneurship as well as leaders in the past. Helping them bring these two concepts together to succeed in ways that required those radical choices.

I now teach and preach this message to coaches who want a successful business, because I am most familiar and my expertise is in this very specific area.

You could say these are my peeps and the coaching community is my spiritual home.

So today I made one of those radical choices myself. To move forward with my show and blog by standing solidly on all I brought together in my book. My book covers all the bases I realized. The nuts and bolts of business and the mindset shifts that are so important along with the strategy work, the spiritual aspect of growing as a person as you grow a business that has a positive impact on everyone you touch.

So, soon I will be renaming this blog and my new show after my book: Evolve Your Coaching Business.

I liked the idea of talking about Radical Choices so much I am also going to have a segment on each show where I ask my guest to speak to a radical choice they made. I am planning to include those insights in this blog as well.

I hope you will like it. Please let me know what impact it has on you.

The one thing I love about making a radical choice is how good it feels right now in the moment which is always the best way to trust a choice. How does it feel right now, as you imagine the future?

The thing I don’t like is not knowing what the impact will be on others and where it will lead or what other changes will be required.

I always have a little fear as well as excitement anticipating the inner growth it will call me forward into, sometimes kicking and screaming along the way!

Today I encourage you to make a radical choice whether big or small. 

Choose based on your values, your vision, what is in your heart. Trust that you will have what it takes to deal with the change this always brings.

What is one area you want to make a change in your life? 

Something you know will be good for you, yet you are resistant or holding back. 

Imagine one Radical Choice you could make today in that area. 

One choice that would be different than your usual way of doing things. 

One choice that might bring on judgment or get the inner critic all worked up. 

Make just one Radical choice be it big or small and see what happens! Be sure to send me a message when you do:)

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