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Many, many years ago in a land far away – and a time that was completely different than what I am facing today – I had an experience that helped me then… and it came to me today that it’s time to bring that lesson to life again.

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my morning journaling on a bright spring day in April.

I had just had the insight that in order to make the significant change I wanted to make… a huge change actually,
 I would need to do it in my full power with an open heart.

I was struck by that combination! Full Power/Open Heart.

Suddenly I felt that this big change I was seeking was possible!

Right at that moment… and I swear I am not making this up… my doorbell rang.

Even back then this was a very rare event. It was 8 AM on a Saturday and I knew that none of my friends would be bothering me that early.

I went to the door with some trepidation and, when I opened it, I saw three strangers standing there. They all started to speak at once. In a foreign language!

They were talking with urgency and were somewhat in a panic to have me understand them. I wondered if there was a fire or a car crash somewhere. Finally one of them lifted his hands up as if holding a camera and said, “FOCUS”.

Then all three did the same thing. “Focus Focus Focus”

And just before I understood what they were looking for, I had another insight!

“Focus Focus Focus!” …here I was looking at making a big change in my life… one that seemed impossible.

I was in my coach training at the time, working full time for the USPS and raising two teenagers.
 I wanted to start a brand new career which would mean taking off the golden handcuffs of my secure work.

It might mean selling my house and downsizing. It could mean needing to learn new things that I couldn’t even imagine! Facing big change, not knowing the direction to go, speaking a different language than others, being in an unknown situation.

All this naturally calls forth fear and even panic. Just like I was witnessing on my front porch.

“Focus Focus Focus!” …they were now shouting gleefully, holding their hands up as if holding a camera, and I realized they were looking for the photography studio up the street!

Haha… we all laughed in relief when I pointed up the street and gave them the address.

When I shut the door and went back to my writing, I realized I had been given divine guidance.

Guidance that was pointing me to focus focus focus on the dream of my new business. Work that was meaningful to me.

To focus even though there were a million reasons and distractions pulling me away. “Focus Focus Focus” and still engage with my family, friends, and a full-time job.

I imagine that, for you in these challenging times, there are real-life considerations to deal with, distractions, fear and even panic at times.

It is good to accept and be with what is. To allow extra space for your own self-care. AND, if you are reaching for a dream, or simply are being nudged by a creative project that makes your heart sing….  

I encourage you to… focus focus focus… standing in the light of your full power and the love of your open heart.

P. S.

One more thing. I needed help to stay focused.

I could not have moved forward without reaching out for help. This was a BIG stretch for me at the time in so many ways from financial to emotional. And I did it anyway.

I moved forward with the help of my coach and many others, in order to bring about a big change to create something meaningful.

We are better together!

If you are a coach wanting help with your business, I am committed to supporting you in every way I can. Schedule a call with me and I’ll tell you what that looks like!

For other types of help, I have an amazing roster of coaches in my community. Pop me a message with the kind of help you are looking for and I will make sure you find it.

I am here to serve during this challenging time on the planet!

Blessings to you all, Kat

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