Take Time to Soulsearch

Take Time to Soulsearch

The origin story of the Soulsearch Process began in my childhood. 

I write the whole story in my book The Soul Search, but let’s just say it came from a frustration I had with the negativity I noticed everywhere I went.

It seemed that people just didn’t appreciate what they had, and even worse in my thinking, they discounted their own creative power to make their life what they wanted it to be.

I became a professional life and relationship coach to help people with this very thing. Much to my surprise, I found this same condition with most of the clients I worked with—a lack of belief in their own creativity and ability to make changes, learn and grow, and take action in the direction of their deepest dreams and desires.

When I was asked to deliver a sermon at the Unity Church in Ventura, CA back in August 2013, I was working through my fear of public speaking.

It was a dream of mine to deliver a message as a speaker.

Giving a sermon seemed like a pretty high bar to begin with, but I felt called to do the work to not only overcome my fear but to deliver a really good sermon.

I had plenty of time to put that sermon together. I wanted to tell the story of having survived a kidnapping as a teenager. It is a pretty heavy story, as you can imagine, but for me, it was the most inspiring experience of my life.

It was that inspiration I wanted to convey to the congregation that day. As I mulled over just what I wanted to say I began doing some research into exactly what had saved my life on that awful night. I looked to see what helped me access my creative power to save my own life then, and later in making so many of my dreams come true.

I looked at all my clients with special attention given to those who had overcome challenges to create the life and work they wanted.

By this time, I was working with a lot of entrepreneurs. I was inspired by how they faced their fear of failure and moved forward, step by step, to build a business that was fulfilling.

I also looked at those who got stuck – who couldn’t get past the roadblocks, the ones who just were not able to believe in themselves enough to keep going.

After months of study and doing my own personal growth work to prepare for my sermon, I discovered a pattern of thinking. This pattern of thinking could be relied on to overcome challenges of any kind and move a person forward with positive energy into creative action. Every time. On a daily basis if needed!

I tried it out on myself to overcome my fear of public speaking. I tried it out with my husband who wanted to quit his job. I tried it out on clients who were aiming for a dream that seemed impossible.

Those who were willing to put in the work discovered they could change their thinking using this process, which led to new kinds of action, which of course led to the results they most wanted.

It worked every time. The Soulsearch Process was born!

After the success of my first sermon, my minister insisted it was so good that I needed to become a minister myself, which I did. I wrote a book about the Soulsearch Process, which is filled with stories of what is possible when you take time to soul search and has a step-by-step process for bringing about this radical change.

After publishing that book and becoming an ordained interfaith minister, I found myself drawn to supporting other coaches like myself to succeed in their business.

The coaches I knew were on the frontlines of bringing positive change to this world, helping people pursue their dreams, and supporting the bigger agendas their clients had to be better people at work and at home 

These coaches knew that in order to put themselves out in the marketplace they would have to believe in themselves and what they offered.

They also knew that to be authentic in how they present their business requires a combination of vulnerability and courage.

The Soulsearch Process was perfect for them. They had a dream they were pursuing that gave them the reason to learn the process and, in some cases, take it on as a regular daily or weekly habit.

I was told it was especially useful for helping them stay on track with their vision and goals. It was a tool to keep them moving when things got hard and to help them see the progress they were making that they often overlooked.

What do you think about soul searching? Do you take time for it? What dream do you have that just won’t die?

I would love to help you reach for your dreams, stay on track with your vision, or simply learn a tool that will help you see what is in your soul in a very clear and powerful way.

Below you will find ways you can learn the Soulsearch Process.

Here is to you and the wisdom in your soul!

Make It Real

Make It RealYou can get a copy of my book, The Soul Search, here.

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