Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn - Inner Work, Outer Success

Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn – Inner Work, Outer Success

In this enlightening episode of the Coaching Business Spotlight, Kat and guest Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn explore the profound interplay between soul-driven strategies and business success in the coaching industry. They delve into the importance of maintaining a personal connection to one’s values and vision while navigating the challenges of growing a coaching business. Kat introduces the “Soul Search Process,” a transformative tool designed to align coaches with their deepest intentions, and Jenny, a seasoned leader in the philanthropic sector, shares her journey and insights on using this method to foster both personal and professional growth.

In this episode, Kat and Jenny talk about:

  • The critical role of mindset in achieving success, emphasizing the need for coaches to engage in their own mindset work to avoid blocks and maintain inspiration.
  • The “Soul Search Process,” a unique coaching tool aimed at helping coaches stay aligned with their aspirations and overcome internal barriers.
  • Jenny’s extensive experience in leadership coaching, particularly in healthcare, education, human rights, and arts, and how it informs her approach to strategic and empathetic coaching.
  • The importance of authenticity and bravery in coaching.
  • Exploration of the “crucible moments” that shape a coach’s ability to serve effectively, and the transformative power of overcoming personal challenges.
  • The balance between inner work and outward action, emphasizing that continual personal development is essential for effective coaching.
  • Jenny’s current retreat project as part of her coaching program, which aims to provide a safe space for development leaders to explore and grow from their foundational experiences.
  • A live demonstration of the Soul Search Process, illustrating its application and effectiveness in real-time coaching scenarios.

With 25 years in the nonprofit sector, Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn, MA, ACC, is a valued leadership coach, fundraiser, facilitator, and organizational strategist whose success is grounded in a life-long commitment to mission-driven work. She is known for her authenticity, a unique blend of humility, courage, and humor that puts the individuals and teams with whom she works at ease.

In 2014, Jenny launched Davi-Gold LLC, a Los Angeles-based, national-in-scope leadership coaching and consulting firm serving the philanthropic sector. Ranging from startups to University systems, Jenny’s clients cross disciplines with special expertise in healthcare, higher education, human rights, and arts & culture.

Prior to launching her firm, Jenny held fundraising leadership roles at organizations including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, UCLA, AIDS Project Los Angeles, and Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

Jenny holds a BA in Sociology from Brandeis University and a Masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is an ICF-certified Executive Coach.

Grounded in her lived experience, Jenny has a strong commitment to the LGBTQ+ community as consultant, coach, and mentor. She lives with her wife in Studio City, California. When not working, she enjoys painting, baking, writing, and taking walks with their ridiculously adorable dog Chloe.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jenny’s website 
Jenny’s LinkedIn 

Kat’s book: Evolve Your Coaching Business

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