Your Message Matters

Last week I gave a sermon that taught me as much as I hope it gave to the congregation. It was a message that mattered to me. It mattered because it was something that enhanced my life as well as the lives of many others. What kind of messages matter to you? I twirl around on …

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Business Alchemy by Design

The metaphor that came to me when I thought about my new Business Alchemy by Design program was……A Build a Bear Program for your Coaching Business ….creative, effective and done YOUR way!  I have to admit, right off the bat before I go any further that I have never actually built a build a bear but I imagine you get to …

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Cracking the Code

Kat Knecht is a Spiritual Business Coach that delivers new clarity in your thinking, power in your relationships, and confidence in the business decisions you make. This week she will be covering the topic “Cracking the Code.” #SSLIVE

Here Comes the Bride!

I used to think that the path to success needed to be totally focused on the positive. That the secret to success was to keep following my bliss!  I learned a valuable but hard lesson that, although focusing on the positive and following my bliss IS a key to success, there is something else just as …

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