Month: February 2019

What Happened To You?

Your Year In ReviewMany Many years ago in a place far away….. I used to begin thinking ahead to my New Year’s Vision right about now… at the end of December. Then, one day, my dear husband Curtis suggested we take a look back at our year before we began creating our new goals. At …

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I Love You

Yes, you…the unique person reading this message. I have been wanting to write this message for a long time. Maybe it’s because it is the Holiday Season. Maybe I am simply ready to take off one of my masks and express my true feelings. I Love You You may have been on my list and …

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Putting Out Fires

That phrase had a very clear meaning when I worked for the Postal Service on an executive team. Someone was always leaving a meeting to “put out a fire” caused by someone who had mucked up. Today, I am thinking of a very different kind of “fire” and message. Another way that I could view …

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I Woke Up Screaming

I woke up with my heart beating fast. I was terrified and I had no idea what was making me so afraid. I had gone to sleep that night thinking about the first blog post I was going to write for my new business. Not necessarily a scary topic! Then I had a nightmare that …

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Everything Is Made Up

Have you ever headed into a new business venture knowing you needed to choose the right niche because that’s where your success lives… and you get overwhelmed? There are so many different opinions and you need to make sure your choice is right for YOU! If you want to bypass all the noise and get …

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