What Happened To You?

Your Year In Review
Many Many years ago in a place far away…..

I used to begin thinking ahead to my New Year’s Vision right about now… at the end of December. Then, one day, my dear husband Curtis suggested we take a look back at our year before we began creating our new goals.

At first, I didn’t much like the idea. I am a person who likes to make new things happen! I love looking at new possibilities and new frontiers.

The first year we did a review, though, opened my eyes wide to the value of knowing what I have… what I have experienced… what I have lost… what has brought me great joy.

This unique “Year in Review” process is now the first step in my Destiny Vision Program. To help you end the old and begin the new year with a bang today, I thought I would bring you the highlights of that life-changing program in a 3-part blog series.

The Year In Review Easy-Peasy Process

The first step, of course, is to look look back at your year and find treasure… as I did that first year and every year since.

To do that, I have created an easy-peasy, five-step process. It is helpful to have a dedicated notebook, binder or journal to capture your findings.

Step #1:
Gather information from all the structures, both formal and informal, that you use to organize your life: your day planner, online calendar, text message history, past Facebook & Instagram posts, financial records (we usually spend money on the things we value), emails and other relevant documents.

Soft focus as you do this, letting your mind take in the information, quietly remembering what was experienced in 2018.

Step #2:
If you have them, take a look at last year’s vision boards, journals, New Year’s intentions and goals.

Step #3:
You may also have “artifacts” from the drawers where you keep precious memorabilia such as ticket stubs, pressed flowers, etc. A great source of “remembering what happened last year” may be looking through the photos you took on your phone.

This alone is a bucket of fun! You will be surprised, I promise you.

See what stands out… the people, experiences and sensational moments in time as well as the challenges and triumphs.

Include everything.
No judgment… just memories.

Most important is to take time to meander and remember what you experienced this past year. It may help to go to a quiet place in your house, nature or a coffee shop.

Step #4:
A great way to organize your findings is to look at the Highlights and Lowlights of your Year

The Highlights:
What experiences stand out? What moments were life changing, fulfilling, meaningful? What was delightful? What brought laughter, thoughtfulness, inspiration, joy, satisfaction?

The Lowlights:
What challenges did you face? What were your failures? What did you learn from these? What do you want to forgive yourself (or others) for? What do you want to release?

What are you learning as you review the past year? What do the highs & lows tell you about yourself? With them in front of you, what do you see?

If these are tools you use take a look here:

Your Intention
Did you have an intention for the year? If so, how did your intention work for you? Was it a guide that helped you thrive? Did you forget it around March?

Your Goals
Did you set goals for the year? If so, what happened? Did you reach them? Did you change them as you went? What are the results of having set those goals? What do you love about your goal setting process? What doesn’t work anymore?

Your Vision
Did you make a vision board? Did you have another structure for your vision this year? If so what happened that seemed guided by your vision? What didn’t happen? What aspect of your vision do you want to carry through to next year?

Step #5:
One area that is often missed but is essential when looking at your life is​ YOU!

What do you see when you look at yourself? What are you most proud of this year? How did you grow? What new aspect of yourself bloomed? What about your spiritual journey? Your self care? Your habits? Who have you been and who are you becoming?

Take a look at all this information and see what it’s telling you about your accomplishments as well as who you have become as a person.

● What strengths and positive qualities do you want to celebrate?

● What lessons do you want to take from the Lowlights of the year?

● What patterns, themes and insights are revealed by doing this review?

● What seem to be unfolding as the next chapter in your life?

Enjoy this rich journey! It is the perfect way to end the year and make way for a new vision!

Wishing you Happy Holidays,

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