I Woke Up Screaming

I woke up with my heart beating fast.

I was terrified and I had no idea what was making me so afraid.

I had gone to sleep that night thinking about the first blog post I was going to write for my new business.

Not necessarily a scary topic!

Then I had a nightmare that woke me out of my sleep.

In the dream, I am living in an old house (one I had lived in years ago). This house is way out in the country. It’s a “middle of nowhere” kind of area.

A car pulls into the long driveway in the middle of the night and wakes me up.

I go to the window and look out. There’s no reason for this car to be there. This is not a driveway you would ever drive down by mistake.

I don’t recognize the car.

My mind starts spinning – imagining scary scenarios that might unfold once the driver exits the car.

That’s when I became terrified and woke up screaming.

Once I was awake and examining the dream that had me screaming awake in the middle of the night, I had an insight that surprised me.

I usually have nightmares when I am entering new territory in some area of my life. My subconscious mind helps me work out my fears.

Since I was a kid, I have had some dreams that repeated over and over until I learned to face the fear they were alerting me to.

This was a brand new one.

My insight was this. I thought about the blog I was anticipating writing which – at the time – was the first one announcing my new business.

I realized I was feeling really vulnerable.

I will be exposing myself, I had that free-floating anxiety. I am embarking on something new and I feel out of control.

In the dream the car seemed to represent that fear. The car, in and of itself, was not scary. Nothing bad actually happened in that dream. The nightmarish fear came from what I had made up MIGHT happen!

It’s the same with the blog. In and of itself… it’s just some words on a page. It’s a way of connecting to the people I’m here to serve.

It is not scary! The only thing that really matters is the meaning I give it. The story I choose to believe.

If I allow my fear to intrude, I will want to hide out.

Has that ever happened to you? You really want to embark on something new but you hold back, hide out because of some vague kind of fear.

My new business is called Soul Driven Success so this seems like as good a time as any to practice what I preach and I invite you to do the same.

Your soul wants you to expand and grow into more and more of your essential self. The soul will take you into new territory and help you to see the true meaning of what you are experiencing.

You can always choose a life-affirming story to help you move forward with confidence.

After calming down from my nightmare, I decided to rewrite the scene that might have played out in that driveway.

I still went to the window and felt the fear and then let it go as I stepped into new territory.

I imagined a family that had been driving all night and they were lost. They were looking for my neighbors house just down the road. We had a friendly exchange and then they were on their way.

You can do the same with the things that scare you and keep you from enjoying the adventure your soul has in mind for you. Feeling fear is natural, of course, but it’s what you do NEXT that really matters.

Tune into your soul and listen for what feels true. Listen to the wisdom and take action from there.

Is there something you are longing for in your life right now?

New territory that triggers fear? Take a moment to face the fear and then tune into your soul. Now, make up a story that inspires you and brings you alive.

For those of you in the USA who are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I encourage you to experiment with this to bring love and light to your day!

Cheering you on, Kat

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