I Love You

Yes, you…the unique person reading this message.
I have been wanting to write this message for a long time.

Maybe it’s because it is the Holiday Season.

Maybe I am simply ready to take off one of my masks and express my true feelings.

I Love You

You may have been on my list and reading my messages for years.

You may have just joined last week.

The fact that you are reading these words today means a lot to me.

To me it means you care about your world. You care about your impact.

You care about personal growth. You care about love.

Can you see why I love you?

I have been writing a blog for over 7 years now. It started as the Kat Flash, then transitioned to the Saturday Soulsearch and – a couple of months ago – it became Soul Driven Success.

Every time I sit down to write a message, I think about you, the reader.

I do my best to tune into what you might need to hear. The support you need. The insight that will inspire you. The information about one of my programs that might help you. The laughter or tears that might be evoked by my words.

In that moment I feel such great love for you. I feel how connected we all really are. I feel joy.

I also sometimes check to see who has opened my messages.
When I see your name, the love I feel is personal and I send you a little love.

Some of you I know well.
Others I have never met.

Some of you are old friends, clients or dear colleagues.
Some of you are family.

I know you get tons of emails, blogs, marketing messages each and every day.

Today you have chosen to take the time to read mine.
I am grateful.
I love you.

Wishing you all the Best,

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