Why I Procrastinate and Why It Works

Today I am submitting my new book Evolve Your Coaching Business to the publisher! It is a super-duper big deal for me, as you can imagine. I took some time this morning to reflect on the journey this project of my heart has taken me on.

It all started 9 months ago. I thought that was interesting as this book has felt a lot like my baby. Only I did not have to give up my morning coffee! You have no idea the sacrifice that was with my real babies.

Looking at the journey, I saw a pattern that seems to be my “creative project way of doing things”. Here is a nutshell version:

  1. It started with a vision that came to me while sitting on the beach. I saw a book outline and got that nudge from spirit, “Do this thing!” I was excited at what I saw and started playing around with it right away. I felt a stirring of excitement. I am going to write this book!
  2. Then, I found myself procrastinating. I didn’t get right on it. Instead, I thought about it a lot. I avoided sitting down at my computer to write. I kept putting start dates on the calendar – but I didn’t.
  3. This went on for almost 3 months. Then something clicked.
  4. I sat down at the computer and wrote the outline. I put whole chunks of time in the calendar. A 3-day weekend, for which I booked an Airbnb.
  5. I arrived at the Airbnb and again noticed I was procrastinating. I walked to the beach, I took a nap, I made a snack.
  6. Then I sat down and started to really write something. I couldn’t stop. I wrote for days. I worked for a while and it started taking a shape. I could see the book it would become.
  7. Then I got stuck. Again I procrastinated … but not for as long this time.
  8. I found a publisher and signed a contract that required me to finish the book in 3 months. I hired an editor to help me organize and fine-tune the writing.
  9. Then, I blocked out time in my schedule. Big chunks during the week and I booked three retreats away from home.
  10. Then I got the book done. Today it goes to the publisher!

Here is what I saw when I reflected on that journey.

Procrastination is a part of my creative process. I need to have time where things are marinating. It is actually helpful to feel that tension until I finally move forward.

I saw that I can develop habits to get things done only if I include procrastination. Maybe it’s time to give it another name!

I also do what I know works. For me, in this case, it’s to go on a writing retreat. It works every time. I wrote my last book primarily on a train!

Here is what I offer you to consider for your own creative projects. Take away the judgment and simply ask yourself, “What works to keep me moving?”

I believe – for me – there needs to be time for things to gestate. As long as I don’t get stuck there.

When I do get stuck, I have learned that the real danger is to “Lone Wolf It”. To try to do it all on my own.

I feel weak and ashamed that I can’t do it all on my own.

If you find yourself procrastinating, I encourage you to get curious. Perhaps give it another name and reach out for help when you find yourself stuck.


This can be really simple if you allow it to be. 4 Easy Steps to get you going on that creative project you are yearning to do!

  1. Go somewhere in nature – or wherever is relaxing for you – where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Open to the vision of your project. What does it look like? What is the feeling you get when you imagine it done?
  3. Get out your calendar. Schedule time to work on the project and time for it to gestate. Notice the procrastination without judgement. Rename it.
  4. Now get help, support, reach out to someone who will hold you accountable or partner with you in your project.

Let me know how it goes!


Julia Cameron has a whole slew of books to help you stay on track with a creative project.

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