Who’s Your Daddy?

I heard a story this weekend about the many ways people become wealthy. Someone actually trademarked the phrase “Who’s Your Daddy?” and they make money from it. So..please don’t send me any money for the message you are about to receive or I might have to pay royalties!

I know that many of you have enjoyed finding out about “Your Daddies” (that is, your ancestry) using the amazing new DNA technology available these days.

What has me excited today, though, are the ways you can find out who you REALLY are. It goes beyond the DNA that can assure you of your parentage and lineage.

Feminine Archetype: The Good Witch

I am talking about the YOU that I believe can only be discovered through self exploration. The YOU that is undefinable in so many ways and yet…there are ways to discover and uncover the real YOU.

“Why does this matter,” you might be asking?

In my work as a life coach, I have found that the more you understand about who you are at your core, the happier you become. The more insight you have into your values and strengths, the easier you will succeed… be it in the area of love, life or livelihood.

There are many ways to go about self discovery… some of them take time… and some can be a bit hard to face if you discover how much struggle you have experienced that has been completely unnecessary.


If you have read this far…congratulations! Because I am about to give you some really good news.

There are also fun and easy peasy ways to find out more about who you are, what makes you tick and happy as a clam.

There are even ways to unlock your potential to be healthy…and yes wealthy and wise.

Feminine Archetype: A Wise Woman

One of the ways I have been getting to know the amazing women in my Business Mentorship Program is to have them take assessments and do some insightful Quizes.

They are seeing new aspects of themselves, gaining confidence in their abilities and feeling darn right good about themselves.

It has been such a joyful experience that I had to share it with you today.

I have done SO many wonderful assessments that have rocked my world. It was super hard to pare it down to just a few but here goes…

The ones that I think you will love are:

For Livelihood…
Yes…I have to start with my own quiz!
Your Feminine Archetype for Business Success

To Know Your Strengths…

For Love
The Five Languages of Love

For Money
The Money Habitudes Game

Are there assessments or quizzes that have helped you see your brilliance? Please send them to me. I would love to add them to my list (and I’d love to take them for my own benefit!)

Have you taken these assessments and had aha moments? I’d love to hear your story. Drop me a note.

If you would like help unpacking the insights you gain from these, I would love to be the one you ask to help!

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