Who Knows What is Good

Who Knows What is Good and What is Bad?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I launched a focus group of 35 amazing coaches into my new Your Coaching Business by Design program!

I had the pleasure of connecting with a group of them on Zoom and it was so inspiring to see the passion they have for the work they do in the world.


The governor of California announced a “Stay at Home” order that meant, among other things, that I couldn’t get my hair done!


One of my greatest joys and something I count on to feel good…snatched away!

My beloved Church, Unity of Ventura, no longer has a home base. The Rubicon Theatre where we hold our services is closed down until August.


My new little grandson Ishaan is 2 weeks old and amazingly beautiful… I am in love!


And I am feeling fear for all the uncertainty and frustrated at the thought of having to SHELTER IN PLACE… until who knows when …YIKES

And I know there are bigger concerns out there in our world today. 


I also know that how we think about what is happening, how we make our choices on a daily basis is what is most important of all.

We don’t have control over many things but we can shift our thinking… if only a little bit to lift our spirits and see the good things that are always there no matter what.

Here is a Taoist parable that feels fitting for these times.

An old Chinese farmer lost his best stallion one day and his neighbor came around to express his regrets, but the farmer just said,

“Who knows what is good and what is bad.”

The next day the stallion returned bringing with him 3 wild mares. The neighbor rushed back to celebrate with the farmer, but the old farmer simply said,

“Who knows what is good and what is bad.”

The following day, the farmer’s son fell from one of the wild mares while trying to break her in and broke his arm and injured his leg. The neighbor came by to check on the son and give his condolences, but the old farmer just said,

“Who knows what is good and what is bad.”

The next day the army came to the farm to conscript the farmer’s son for the war, but found him invalid and left him with his father.

The neighbor thought to himself, “Who knows what is good and what is bad.”

That is a thought that relaxes my mind because it feels TRUE for me.

How about YOU?

I would love to hear how you are navigating your world today.

If you let go of good and bad, what do you notice?

All the Best, Kat

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