What’s Your Problem?

A couple of years ago, Curtis and I reached out to our community to do some research. We wanted to know what you all felt were your BIGGEST problems in life and business.

We got a big surprise with the responses.

Most of our community told us they were not problem-oriented.

They didn’t think in terms of having problems.


I think I get the basic reasoning here.

I am all on board with keeping my focus positive. I also realize that most things people consider “problems” are simply thinking errors.

But I also realize that I am human and, as a human, I AM going to have things in my life that I need help with (as I referenced two weeks ago in my message).

We are once again getting ready to do some research with our community… that means you, by the way!

This is important to us because we are in the helping business and really want to know what coaches need help with.

What they might consider a problem.

Do you have a problem… maybe more than one? Okay, I have to admit that I am much like the people in my community!

I don’t like to think of having problems.

I am more comfortable thinking about my issues in life as “challenges” or “opportunities”.

In the coach training I do for The Co-Active Training Institute, I teach my students, “Do not problem-solve.”

But what I discovered – as I was thinking this through  – is this:
Where our problems meet solutions is where transformation happens!

Think about that for a moment.

If you accept that you have a problem… in the sense of something you don’t like or want to change… then you will look for a solution and, hopefully, you’ll find one.

It usually requires growth, doesn’t it?

To bring about a change, to grow past tolerating what you don’t like and to make new choices… that is the sweet spot!

It’s not so much solving the problem as seeing a new solution that brings a transformation in You.

What is a problem you have in your life that gets in the way of your joy?

What is a problem you have for which you would love to find a solution?

What is a problem you have in your coaching business?

What is the ONE problem you would pay to have solved if you knew it would also bring you a wonderful dose of transformation?

I would love to know your answers so send them to me now before you move on to the next thing!

The first problem that comes into your head.
Hit reply and let me know!

All the Best

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