What’s Your Life Purpose?

Many years ago, I had a coach who was helping me with a workshop I was creating. He did an exercise I’ll never forget. Its purpose was to get me to know exactly what I wanted my participants to learn.

He put me into a bit of a meditative state and then asked me to complete a sequence of incomplete sentences.

I only remember one….

“I was born in this particular time and place in history in order to…”

The surprising part is what happened next. I knew the answer with absolute clarity!

I have done many Life Purpose exercises. The training school where I teach has a great one that I often use with my clients.

I once took a whole course focused specifically on the topic of life purpose.

I also have had many thoughts and conversations about this concept and what it means… with plenty of input from my inner guidance as well as other people’s opinions.

This one incomplete sentence, though, just hit me in the right spot… probably because I wasn’t thinking too hard!

What came with such clarity was this: One thought can change your life.

I felt it in every cell in my body.

I realized that I am here on earth, in this time in history, to teach people about conscious creation… how one thought can change their lives.

Nothing more.
Nothing less.

The paradox I see in this story is this: Finding something as seemingly BIG as your life purpose… can be simple.

Surprisingly simple.

Your life purpose is not your work, the thing you do for money. It is not really about any particular endeavor.

Your life purpose is something that lights a fire inside you when you express it, explore it, experience it!

I leave you with an unfinished sentence and a challenge to complete it… to allow whatever words are waiting inside of you to present themselves.

Here it is:

“I was born in this particular time and place in history in order to…”

Please let me know what you discovered!

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