What’s important to you about money? …and what’s important about that?

These are questions I came up with for my relationship-enhancing card deck, the Staying Engaged Conversation Cards.

The question was originally intended for engaged couples who often sidestepped talking about money before they were married.

It became clear to me – early on in my coaching career – that most of my clients needed to take a look at this question too.

Once I claimed entrepreneurs with a heart-based business as my niche, I realized they really needed to have clarity on this question!

Most of them are not motivated by money yet money is essential to their success.

It might seem obvious that money is important! In a relationship and in having a successful business.

Yet, when I help my clients with the financial aspects of their business, I find they often miss this step.

This is especially true – and ironic – when it comes to the coaches I work with.

Helping our clients see what is most important is, well, it’s our number one job!

But when it comes to pricing coaching services, packages, and programs… often people look elsewhere for guidance.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is essential to get help with finances.

I have reached out and received amazing help all along my professional journey from financial experts Chellie Campbell and Barbara (Stanny) Huson and others.

They have helped guide me through unknown territory to the solid ground I have sought with my money.

The most important thing I learned from them – and what I bring to my own clients – is help with this question.

What is important about money is something only YOU can answer for yourself. The doubling down on the question is where the real gold usually lies.

Money is so highly charged that it takes some introspection to find the answer that will reveal itself to you when you take the time to seek it.

Once you know what is important, the rest becomes so much easier!

Then you can look outside yourself from a place of confidence that only comes when you are being true to yourself and honoring your true values about money.

This is what I have found to be the game-changer when it comes to creating a prosperous business!

So I will leave you with this question and encourage you to spend some time with it. I would love to know what you find out, so please send me a note!

When it comes to you and your meaningful work…
What is important about money… and what is important about that?

All the Best, Kat

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