What Happens When You Discover Your Wings?

In my last blog, I wrote about the GOO. That time in the creative process where it gets messy!

I used the metaphor of a caterpillar going through the GOO to become a butterfly, which is just like going through the messy stages of growing into a new dream. 

It is wonderful when you reach that destination point.

But it can also be challenging.

To realize you have wings and are no longer crawling around the way you were used to. You have achieved what you were aiming for. It would seem that now life would be perfect. Well, we humans are more complicated than that!

You now have to learn how to use those wings!

As wonderful as this is, it is also uncomfortable to be in new territory and that is when it can be tempting to retreat to your old ways of thinking and behaving.

The experience of transformation reminds us that we are always evolving.

But sometimes, although you have transformed and have the strength to change, you don’t accept the change for a variety of reasons.

Fear of the unknown. Fear of making a mistake. Looking stupid.

Guilt that you made it and others didn’t. 

Even the shame of feeling it took you so long to get here!

Like the butterfly, it might take some time to accept and discover what your wings are for and how to use them.

One area I experience the GOO to butterfly stages a lot is in my writing.

Five years ago I published my first book. I will never forget the thrill of holding that book in my hands for the first time!

I now have written a new book as well as countless blogs, articles and presentations.

Over the years it has gotten easier and quicker. But I still go through the GOO and become that butterfly with new wings to get used to. 

Here is the basic process I go through:

  1. I have things floating in my head sometimes, on a walk or in the shower or a conversation with someone that sparks an idea, but there comes a moment when I sit down and stare at the blank page.
  1. I then ask for guidance. What am I supposed to write about here? Often I am surprised by what pops into my head.
  1. I often feel lost as to how to begin or what to include. The GOO sometimes gets very dark when I doubt that anything worthwhile will occur.
  1. Then I see some light. I start becoming a butterfly and learn to use my wings to write something for public consumption.  
  1. The payoff is always the joy of spreading my wings and bringing something forward that has been given to me and connecting with all of you.

The process can be the same for you.

Take time to sit down and reflect on what you are creating.

Your fulfilling dream.

Ask for guidance.

Accept what you hear whether you like it or not.

Hang out in the GOO allowing yourself to not know and be very uncomfortable.

Notice when you start becoming a butterfly.

Take the time to see and acknowledge the changes  

Celebrate the person you are now.

Accept that you are in new territory once again!

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