Under The Knife

“Going Under the Knife” is giving me a new insight on life.

It is not serious… but it is Surgery that I will be undergoing this upcoming Wednesday.

I am not thrilled at the prospect of going under, knocked out with anesthesia, and then the pain and discomfort of recovery.

Not thrilled… but there is Something.

Something I feel is right about taking care of myself and having this surgery, like it or not.

Something that is nudging me to accept help from people who love me… which is a stretch for me!

Something that I feel is coming full circle.

Eighteen years ago, I had this exact surgery, and Something shifted in my life during that time.

It was a time of growth that took me by surprise. Something couldn’t be contained any longer.

It was time for me to bloom.

That surgery allowed things to rearrange in my life… I found myself making bold moves that shifted my whole life dramatically.

I can’t name that Something, but I feel it today.

I bet you, too, have had moments like this.

Moments when you just feel Something shift… coming full circle or newly born.

It might be Something nudging you to trust yourself and make a bold move with your work. That was one of my shifts 18 years ago.

Maybe for you that Something is quieter and more private. Those can be lovely Somethings all right!

Perhaps an awareness of yourself that’s new.

I encourage you to look at your own life.

Pay attention to your own Something and follow whatever guidance the Universe supplies with her special touch.

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