The Word SALES Is Not a Four Letter Word

Imagine you are at a restaurant and the waiter brings you the menu. You peruse the menu and see some very delectable items you would like to try. 

You read the description but want a little more information so you ask the waiter to describe one or two choices. Then you are ready. 

You would like to order and begin enjoying your meal. 

What if the waiter never came by to take your order? Or if they told you, “Sorry, we don’t do sales here because we believe in being authentic. We don’t talk about selling here, we don’t want to bug people.” 

A coaching business is no different. Sure no one likes to be SOLD to. To have something pushed down their throat. You don’t want to feel like you are just a number on someone’s spreadsheet.

Though oftentimes we probably are and when you think about it — who cares? 

When it is a product like my new green shirt that I LOVE. When it is a meal that is sumptuous and satisfying. I am happy to have been sold to. 

Yet when it comes to heart-based services like coaching it seems there is a different expectation. The word sales is like a four-letter word. Not appropriate. Not in integrity. Sinful even! 

I have a different perspective. So many things that are meaningful to me. The experiences, vacations, trainings, you name it … that have brought me joy, transformation, and soulful expansion have had some kind of SALES moment. 

Think about it. Even those things that are FREE like Church have a sales moment. The exchange of money is an energy exchange that is simple and important. 

I am writing this because it is something I have had to come to terms with myself in my own coaching business. I get push back sometimes. People walk away from the SALES moment even when they have gotten value from what I offer. They unsubscribe from my list even after telling me I changed their lives or taught them something they will never forget. They think SALES is a four-letter word. 

At the Co-Active Training Institute, we have a cornerstone called “People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole.” When it comes to sales I hold that cornerstone with integrity. I have something valuable to offer. I know I can help coaches grow their businesses while staying true to their own path. Without the five-letter word SALES, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. 


I would love to know what your thoughts are on this topic! Please drop me a line.

And I will be presenting a 2 part sales series this week and I hope you enjoy it! One of the values I try to honor in all of my marketing and sales is to bring value to those who take the time to read or watch. I would be curious to hear if you find value even in a SALES message. 



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