The Vulnerable Truth Will Set You Free and More

One of the things I teach in my business development program for coaches is how important it is to be vulnerable when talking about how they can help people in their coaching business.

I know this is true and yet it is one of those paradoxes. In order to connect with people on that deeper level - that authentic heart connection we all crave - it requires a vulnerability that is usually uncomfortable.

Not just once but ongoing.

To really stay on your Truth Path requires you to stay open. You can’t get comfortable here. If you do, you are no longer being vulnerable!

This came on my radar the way things tend to do when I get a lot of messages from the universe. One client reported to me that during a two-day workshop that she facilitated, what mattered most to the participants was her way of being as she shared her own vulnerable stories.

Another client, who is new to my program, shared a video he made for his homepage. In the video, he tells his own remarkably vulnerable story of how he messed some things up in his life.

I was touched by both of these people and the courage they were showing in their work.

It called me forth in my work.

I wrote a story about an experience I had never told in public before. It was VERY uncomfortable to put it out there and, yet, I knew that it was the very best way I can deliver a message that will help people.

Telling the vulnerable truth. 

It is not a marketing technique or a way of getting attention for yourself. It meets that human desire to know each other on a real level. By hearing another’s story, we can know our own messes and failures. Our own struggles are normalized and their lessons revealed through the sharing of another.

Learning to tell the vulnerable truth is something I have been doing for many years. I know I have a long way to go to the place where, though uncomfortable, it comes naturally.

I keep going, though, because every time I do, I learn that another human received insight into their own strength and value.

I wonder what your experience is with speaking your vulnerable truth?

What helps you keep going?

Please drop me a line and let me know. It just might help someone else!


The number one way that I know to keep speaking the vulnerable truth is to notice when I am uncomfortable sharing something about myself.

I get curious and explore what I am afraid of revealing. That usually helps to keep me moving and putting out in the world something real that I hope is valuable to others. I know it’s valuable to me.

If you want support to do this, consider joining my Soul Driven Success Community for a low monthly fee. You will have the support of a community of amazing coaches who will cheer you on to complete that project and more!

Set up a consultation to find out more.


Read books and articles, watch movies and shows, listen to podcasts and your friends ... and notice where people share their vulnerable truth. Imagine that is you. Then go ahead and do it yourself.

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