The Navigation Creation System Makes IT Real

Conscious creation is one of my passions. Figuring out how to create something I really want just gives me a thrill. How about you? 

Over the many iterations of my life, I have developed what I call a Navigation Creation System when consciously creating ideal jobs, having a family, enjoying close friendships, buying houses, and financial prosperity.

Those are some of the “IT’s” that I have made real. 

One of the most exciting uses of this system has been in the area of my coaching business. I write about this system in my book, Evolve Your Coaching Business. Here’s a story from the book to give you an idea of what I am talking about. 

I had a vision of leading coaching circles. I wasn’t sure what action to take so the first thing I did was to name my coaching circle and block out times and dates in my calendar for three months — AS IF the coaching circle was a done deal.

Then, during those time blocks, I would work on the coaching group Sometimes I would work on the content or structure Other times I would just sit and imagine exactly how I wanted that group to be. I was taking little steps forward.

After a few weeks, the coaching group was feeling more and more real. I started talking to people about it AS IF it were real I was going to do this thing!

Then, the magic happened. I received a request to start a coaching group. The woman wanted it for herself, and she knew a few women she thought would be interested.

I was off to the races! I chose one of the dates on my calendar that I had already penciled in and invited her and her friends to my coaching group. I reached out to a few women I knew as well.

I had already done the work of choosing a name, I had a sound enough structure and content, and now, with actual people interested, I was inspired to make this real. This coaching circle lasted more than a decade!

In the most simple form, this system brings together your spiritual power – manifesting from your heart and soul – with real world strategies, tools, time, money, and dirt. 

The dreamy stuff with the nitty gritty details that are required to make anything real. 

Here is an example of how this system worked for me with a house. I had a dream house I had been admiring for over a decade. I loved this house. One day it came up for sale.

The Navigation Creation System worked like this: My Navigation skills used strategies that included real-life stuff like banks, mortgage applications, real estate agents, and property values. My Creation tools were visioning, acting AS IF, and radiating positivity resonant with the law of attraction. 

I crunched the numbers to find out all about the price, value of the property and my ability to finance this house.

I held it in my heart and allowed myself to feel 100% positive about the possibility of owning this house. 

There was a serendipitous meeting with a “random” person who gave me the inside scoop on the owner. I found out he wanted to move it fast and would take it much lower than the asking price. 

I made that offer. It was accepted. The bank turned me down. I did more nitty gritty work and came back to them with another proposal. Loan secured. I bought my dream house. Practical magic!

This can work for you in any situation, including your coaching business. You need to feel the passion, allow yourself to dream of having your heart’s desire. You also need to do the work. The nitty gritty stuff that might make you uncomfortable or seem boring. Work that takes time and will most likely require you to learn new things. 

If you keep your eye on the prize, stay tuned into your inner guidance, radiate positivity, and make use of effective strategies – this will work for you as it does for me. 

I promise you the payoff will be worthwhile! 

I offer a step-by-step process in my book that will help you access your own knowing and give you real life examples of how to navigate your coaching business success. 

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