The Gratitude Game

Like most rituals we humans love, there are many lovely aspects of Thanksgiving that have nothing to do with the cultural traditions.

Rituals that are created to bring us together and help us feel the connection we have with those people we love most.

There is one Thanksgiving ritual that I love most and it is simple but powerful.

Here is a brief overview of this yummy ritual:
On little cards I have written words that depict a variety of areas of life such as,  Home, Travel, Work, Food, Nature, Celebrations, Fun, Surprises and many more.

Then, at the Thanksgiving table, I pass the cards around and everyone chooses the one they like best and have something in that area to be grateful for.

We then go around the table and each person tells the story of what they are grateful for based on the card they chose.

This simple exercise brings about wonderful sharing moments that go beyond what is written on that card. The card is simply a doorway for them to talk about what is important from the perspective of gratitude.

Sometimes they don’t even know themselves the gratitude they feel until they start talking. Everyone has fun and we all get to know things about each other that we wouldn’t otherwise know.

I used to do this ritual in a much different way. For years I had the ritual of going around the Thanksgiving table and having everyone say one thing they were grateful for that year.

My kids hated this ritual! They felt put on the spot and made to do something they hadn’t chosen to do.

Think about that for a minute. So much of our education and training has some elements of being put on the spot. Having to do things we don’t like to do.

I hear from the coaches I work with much the same when it comes to the marketing of their business. They feel vulnerable, put on the spot so to speak. Having to do something they don’t really want to do!

What if there were another way to view marketing. Much like the shift I made in my Thanksgiving game. Instead of simply viewing marketing as something you HAVE to do or HAVE to resist.

What if you started by looking at areas of your business that you enjoy? Look for what lights you up. Where you are strong and confident.

What if you were to view your marketing by looking at what you have and what you are grateful for? It may seem silly or small to begin with, but like my Thanksgiving ritual it will probably surprise you to find out.

The cool thing about Gratitude is that it takes whatever you have and helps you see the gift that it offers to you and others. There is No room for any pesky ego-driven thoughts.

Check out the Make It Real segment below if you would like to make up your own game for marketing your business, a gratitude exercise to use with clients, or simply for your own joy.

Whatever you decide to do this year for Thanksgiving…
Whatever holidays you are celebrating this year…
Whatever you choose to do with the marketing of your business…

I encourage you to start with what you have and take some time to be grateful.

All the Best, Kat

The Thanksgiving Marketing Exercise goes like this:

Write words down on little cards, or on a piece of paper that you can cut into little pieces.

Go all out here…10-20 even 30 different cards!

Write down all the areas in your business and as a coach or leader that you would like to explore to see what is most important.

Those things that bring you joy, bring you success or simply delight you.

Next, think about what marketing action you want to take and go through these cards and pick a few that you are particularly grateful for.

Notice the ideas that spring forward from this exercise.

Choose one to take action on. Marketing can be as simple as that!

If you would like support in making a choice about your coaching business I would be happy to help you out.

Simply book a consultation using this link: FREE CONSULTATION

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