Social distancing…could bring us closer

As I write this message the world is facing a pandemic. We are being encouraged to do many things to soften the blow of this virus.

One thing that has me very curious and surprisingly inspired is the idea of social distancing.

It doesn’t sound very positive, does it?

But when I put my “Coach Hat On” and get curious... I see something that could be beneficial… if you choose it to be.

There is always a choice.

The choice to face what is happening and see the gift in it.

  • Not bypassing the real need for action.
  • Not negating the suffering that is happening.

But facing it without judgment, because judgment blocks our wisdom.

This is why coaching is such a powerful and productive modality – coaches help people access their own wisdom.

So at this moment, I am feeling proud of my profession and hopeful for our world!

After reading about this thing called social distancing, I decided to take it on with a positive attitude.

To use the boundaries it offers because it makes sense to me.

With that as my guide, I canceled some things on my calendar.

I bought a bunch of groceries and hunkered down at home.

Once I came to this place of rest I found that I was not afraid. Instead, I felt at peace.

The irony for me was that in this place of peace I felt connected to the people I love as well as those I don’t even know.

That is the gift I see as possible today.

To accept that this is scary…. yes

and causing much suffering…and yet… when we get curious, access our own wisdom and take action that feels right, there is a connection to others (and ourselves) that becomes possible… the connection that gets clouded by the busyness of everyday life.

I invite you to try on a new perspective and find your own way of connecting from the heart during this time.

All the Best, Kat

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