Shepherding Light Workers

Last week I had a session with my coach.
She asked me a powerful question,

“Kat, what are you here to do? I know about your business, how you help coaches…

but I’m not asking about your business plan. This is a deeper question.

What are you here… on earth…
right now at this time in our history…
to do?”

My answer came right away, and it sounded weird coming out of my mouth. 
I hadn’t ever thought about my work in this way before that moment.

“I am here to shepherd light workers into the world. I guess I am a shepherdess!

I love how metaphors can cut through all the crap and get to the heart of things!  

I didn’t have to know what a shepherd actually does or how it might apply to the actual work I do. It simply felt true. In all the iterations of my work, I believe this is actually my highest purpose.

When my coach asked me how I did that, I said…

“I blow under their wings.
I don’t push them or prod them.”

Though I do offer guidance and even advice at times, I realized in that moment that what matters most is the energy I extend to those I work with, the breathing that comes from a place of deep trust in who they are.

This morning, as I was considering this and wondering why I felt compelled to share this story, I looked deeper into other areas of my life.

My beautiful family.
My wonderful friends.
The Amazing Folks who read this blog.
My beloved colleagues and students at CTI.
People who listen to my sermons. Even (especially) my hairdresser!  

I saw myself doing the same thing there… blowing loving energy under their wings.

I have chosen… it actually seems that the Universe has chosen it for me… to work primarily with coaches, because I know they are light workers and the work they do is needed in this world, especially now.

But I also see the light in each one of us, each one of you, and I know that it needs to shine… now more than ever.

To bring forward into the world your best way of being.

My own personal insight during that coaching session is that it does not have to be HARD… it does not even have to be WORK.

It’s just allowing the light… that is already in us… to shine brighter.

We are all here to add something positive to each other and our world. It has never been more evident to me than during these six weeks of being sequestered.

Maybe because we are all slowed down a bit…or a lot.
There is huge uncertainty in our world, which brings about fear and panic.

I have seen the most amazing light coming through the people I know. In large ways and small.

Kind gestures, hysterical conversations, deep sharing, vulnerable truths, heartfelt connections.

Whatever it is YOU are here to do… right now… on this earth. I am blowing air under your wings… right now… and can’t wait to see your light shining in the world!


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