My Dream Come True Was a Disaster!

One of the things I have learned about dreams coming true is that they never, ever, ever, ever turn out the way I imagine them when I am dreaming them up.

In my mind when I am dreaming something up, there is peace and flow, excitement and everything happens seamlessly. You would think that I would have learned this lesson when my dream of having children came true.

I loved them to pieces but ... ease and flow ... not so much! Messy, Wonderful, Scary and full of Joy would be more like it.

The dream I am referring to today is my dream of having a book filled with my “teaching stories” that I finally have almost finished. A part of this dream includes my love of live teaching and performing.

Last Thursday, I got the opportunity to read from my book, a little mini performance and then teach from the book too! I was so excited.

People started coming on the Webinar. So far so good. A few more wonderful people arrived. Then the moment for me to read came and I took a deep breath and began reading.

That was when the nightmare began.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I had forgotten to turn off the “dings” on my Zoom settings. One after another they came, interrupting my flow. It felt bad.

Another breath, back to my audience with all my heart and then ... I froze.

This is truly a funny kind of nightmare I must tell you. A few nights before the webinar I had a dream where I just sat there in front of everyone and didn’t say anything. I woke up from that nightmare and was so relieved that it wasn’t real.

I knew that was something in real life I would never do.

The joke was on me!

There I was, unknowingly frozen to my audience ... talking away ... and no one could hear me. Curtis came on and alerted me to the situation. It felt really bad.

Nothing I could do. My picture and sound were wobbly for my very first public reading of my book ... it felt ruined!

And yet ... though it felt bad and had that nightmarish quality, when I let go of my own stuff and looked out at those beautiful faces, I felt such gratitude.

Some folks jumped off the call ... understandably. It is irritating to experience tech difficulties. Others, though, plowed through with me and I felt the love transmit between us.

My hero, John Prine, said this when asked about dealing with stage fright: “I just love everybody in the audience and I assume they love me back.”

That message came to me at just the right moment.

I would love to tell you that, from that moment on, everything went smoothly. The truth is there were a couple of other hiccups during that hour, but I just kept loving everyone and delivering the message I was there to bring.

It was messy and vulnerable, for sure. And yet, SO worthwhile!


Do you have a dream you want to make real? It could be big or little or somewhere in between.

If you have an idea that your dream needs to come true in some neat and controlled way, I suggest you let that go!

Instead I encourage you to do it! Whatever it might be. Take a small step out in the world with your dream. 

Allow for the mess, allow for mistakes, allow for it to feel bad at times. A nightmare even.

Because it really doesn’t matter in the end. If it is a dream that comes from your heart, it will be worth it. 

Do it today and let me know how it goes.


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If you have a dream you want to come true and need support, I am here to give it.

For those who have already so generously supported me I am deeply grateful.

Thank You!

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