Make Your Business Vision a Reality and More in 2024!

I am getting ready to take down my beautiful vision board for this year. Every year I take time to honor what this vision has brought me, and to let it go to make room for what’s next. 

This year my vision included an Intention, Goals, and What I Am Saying Yes and No To. 

(Spoiler Alert … this is also what will be at the heart of  my upcoming workshop)

The intention was powerful and continues to speak to my heart. 

Here it is: 

I have been longing for a community of my own for a while.  

I have had many communities in years past. I had a community I called Womens Alchemy Circle. An amazing group of women who supported each other in ways that always inspired me.

I also was honored to be one of the leaders of my church, Unity of Ventura, during the pandemic. I loved that community. 

Then I was called to create my own community of coaches. Coaches who wanted to succeed in this transformational career in a way that was both authentic and financially fruitful. 

As I looked at what happened with my intention this year, I am filled with gratitude. There are over 300 coaches who have joined my online community!

I have helped many of these wonderful humans — the coaches who have chosen to invest in themselves and their businesses — make their own 2023 visions a reality. 

I have been working as a coach for over two decades and enjoying the heck out of my career. The experience this year of cultivating a community of coaches has been the most rewarding of all. 

Many years ago, I was lucky enough to be chosen to lead a business development training program for the Co-Active Training Institute. 

I learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of how to build a successful coaching business.

But what I realize helped me just as much, if not more, was that I learned these things while being supported by a community of coaches.

Everyone in my program was a coach! The support was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I didn’t have to worry about group calls being hijacked by one person, or getting support that rubbed me the wrong way. 

Coaches know how to support people, and a group of coaches does that super well. 

I have always been grateful for my success as a coach … for so many reasons. To have a career that I love, that has a positive impact on others, that allows me to travel, and, on top of all that, supports my lifestyle … is GREAT! And I am grateful. 

What I am grateful for today, as I look at my 2023 Intention, is that I had that experience all those years ago. It let me know the value and magic of a community of coaches. 

Now I have been able to cultivate my own community of coaches to support each other to grow themselves and to grow their businesses! 

My vision’s Intention has come true! And the Soul Driven Success Community has helped bring the vision of each member to fruition this year. 

I invite and encourage you to join our community of coaches today!

I suggest you explore my website to see the details of the amazing, affordable and holistic Soul Driven Success Business Training Programs

To really make your business dream a reality, my programs include:

  • Mastermind Group Coaching 
  • Live business course-specific training calls
  • Course curriculum with hands-on support 
  • Intimate community connections 
  • Access to unlimited support calls with Curtis
  • Private Coaching with Kat 

For those who aren’t ready to invest in themselves or their business at that level, I have options from FREE to low-cost monthly investments. 

 $47 a month for the stand-alone online business training course

 $97 a month includes the online business training course with live training calls (two each month)

If you are like me and you want to try something before you make a commitment, I have just the thing for you!

Evolve Your Coaching Business with a Vision

January 15, 2024

I promise it will be fun, interactive, and enlightening. You will see what is possible for YOU and your business this year. 

With a group of amazing coaches you will:

  • Vision what is possible 
  • Set an intention 
  • Look at goals and habits that will make your vision a reality this year
  • And I will be offering fun and useful bonuses as well as a Soul Driven Success New Year’s Special Offer! (Only for those who attend this workshop)

The details and sign-up link are below.

You are worth this investment of time to find out what is possible for you this year!

I hope to see you there. 

I wish you the very best year ahead … Happy New Year!

Make It Real

Have fun looking ahead to 2024 in community with other coaches who are there to cheer you on!  

Evolve Your Coaching Business with a Vision

January 15, 2024

Are you ready to experience the sweet spot of visioning, where you begin to craft your intention and goals for 2024 from an inspiring vision? 

Kat will guide you to jump-start your year with a group coaching exercise that will help you listen to your heart and soul. From this place, all is possible. 

Register for the Evolve Your Coaching Business with a Vision workshop here.

Coaching Business Spotlight Podcast

Ep. 8: Kat Knecht – Mapping the Journey: The Power of Visioning

Join Kat as she explores the power of visioning in coaching with insights into personal growth, visualization techniques, and practical steps for aligning life and business goals with strategy and soul.

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