Learn How to Succeed as a Coach While Supporting a Great Cause!

A lot has changed in the twenty years since I first became a coach. Coaching has grown as a profession and now includes hundreds of thousands of coaches all over the world.

My experience through these two decades as a coach with a successful business has been one of the great love affairs of my life.

The joy I have had in this wonderful career is a culmination of a dream I have had since childhood which was to be of service in a big way.

The purpose of my latest book, Evolve Your Coaching Business, is to help other coaches create business success that supports their true calling. To that end, I use the lessons from my days in the trenches along with proven strategies I learned from many wonderful teachers to guide coaches to grow their businesses.

My message today is to introduce you to an organization that is being of service in a very big way.

This organization is deserving of your attention. So much so that I am dedicating my book sales for the whole month of April to them! Not just a portion but 100% of the proceeds from every book sale will go directly to them.

The name of this organization is Coaching for Everyone. The name alone is inspiring to me! I know you care as I do about coaching as a profession. To that end, I hope you will take the time to check out Coaching for Everyone and join me in supporting their effort.

Here is how you can do that right now!

Simply purchase my book using the link below and 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will benefit someone in need of coaching or coach training.

Once you purchase the book You will also get the many benefits this book offers for your own business success! There are gems in every section to guide you to the next evolution of your coaching business.

I will be highlighting this organization during the month of April because it ties into that childhood dream I mentioned at the beginning of this message.

This dream was born from the question often asked by adults. What do you want to be when you grow up, sweetie?

An actress, a missionary and a storyteller was my favorite answer. I never could narrow it down to one or even two things. All three seemed essential to my happiness. I loved putting on plays. I loved telling stories.

The term Missionary summed up the third part of my dream though honestly I really didn’t know what the term meant at the time.

Now I view this part of my dream as being of big service. The idea of service was drilled into me by my mother who viewed it as sacred. Though she worked full time while raising four girls and pursuing a doctorate degree, her volunteer work never wavered.

I believe coaches are of big service to this world on a daily basis! Coaches help connect people to their dreams and support them to make those dreams real. To honor their core values and to make their lives and that of the people they touch better.

Big Service. Coaching for Everyone brings that experience to people who would not otherwise have access. Read on to learn more about this organization.

Coaching for Everyone (CFE) was established in 2020 to address the lack of diversity in coaching. CFE’s mission is to bring more quality coaching to communities of color because too many times, black, indigenous or other people of color (BIPOC) are not allowed to dream or expect more beyond their current realities. CFE is changing that by certifying 100 BIPOC coaches every single year so that communities of color can have more access to coaching. In addition, CFE provides complimentary coaching to BIPOC communities.

This is a win/win deal! You win because you will have a book that will help you in your career as a coach. Coaching for Everyone wins because you will have supported their endeavor with your purchase. Please do yourself and them a favor today.

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