It’s Not About You … It’s About Them!

One of the most challenging aspects of marketing a coaching business is feeling vulnerable about promoting yourself. It feels so darn personal, doesn’t it?

Even after 20 years in business as a coach, I find myself facing this edge. What I have discovered works really well to move me past the edge to engage with folks is to remember what I am offering in my business is ABOUT THEM! 

I have a belief actually that if you really think about what you want for your ideal clients and let them know you are doing a service. When people feel seen and gotten, when they are given hope, it goes a long way to lifting them up.

Marketing can actually be a service! 

I know there are newsletters I subscribe to that give me so much value … even when there is a sales message. I can feel the person really cares about me and often they pinpoint my pain or a dream so well I get some insight just from their messages. 

This week I challenge you to simply put your focus on THEM. The people you most want to serve and connect with them from your heart. See what happens!

Drop me a line and share your experience. 


In my upcoming book Evolve Your Coaching Business I have a section called “ Attract A Crowd”. The idea of having a crowd of people interested in what you offer is exciting, isn’t it? If you really want to attract a crowd here is a simple exercise. 


  1. Think of your ideal client
  2. Think of one thing you know they are longing for
  3. Put out a message of hope for them. Let them know it's possible

Discover a ton of ways to make it about them! In my upcoming book Evolve Your Coaching Business I have exercises, stories and examples that will help you put your focus over there on the people you most want to help. 

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