It Was a Marketing Miracle!

I had just landed in Los Angeles after living my whole life on the East Coast. I was in awe of all the possibilities in the City of Angels. Especially ones that could help me with my coaching business.

On my first day at the Agape Spiritual Center, the speaker was best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen!

I was a little star-struck, I must admit, when I met him outside the church that day.

I was a little star-struck I must admit when I met him outside the church that day. 

Mark Victor Hansen

He was promoting a program to help entrepreneurs like me, and I didn’t hesitate a minute to sign up. I had been in business long enough to know that getting good support is essential to success.

I was, however, a bit naive about how easy it was to get in over my head with a big program like this one.

One of the perks of this program was receiving 100 copies of Mark’s new bookThe One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth.

I will never forget the day those books arrived at my little cottage. Boxes of books with nowhere to even put them!

At this same time, I was launching a business offering I called the B.U.S. Standing for Business Upgrade Service. It stemmed from work I had done for Cynthia Loy Darst my mentor and one of my first friends in LA.

She had written me a glowing testimonial on how I helped her upgrade her business which I highlighted on my new offer sheet. I had also just received some excellent advice from marketing guru Jay Abrahams.

It went something like…it doesn’t matter what kind of marketing you do as long as you just do something.

I remember right where I was sitting when I put these three things together. I had the offer sheet, I had 100 brand new books by a best-selling author and I just needed to do something!

So I decided I would send a bunch of these books out in the mail with my offer sheet. Then I would call every single person and ask if they received my package.

I came up with a list that included people I thought would be interested in my services and people I thought would be interesting to talk to.

Now comes the marketing miracle part.

This simple but wacky plan really worked! I was contacted by a few coaches right away wanting to know more about my offer.  I was explaining my services right there and then.

I remember one person who received the book told me she hated it.

She ended up hiring me, though, after a fun and enlightening conversation about money.

You might be wondering: what is the miracle in this story and how does it apply to you?

This one wacky marketing idea – and the implementation of it – helped me grow into a new level of success with my coaching business.

Miracles are created by having faith in something that you really desire. Marketing is simply a way of letting people know what you offer.

As simple as it is in concept, there are a lot of moving parts to really market successfully. It takes commitment and guts to consistently put yourself out in the marketplace.

What support do you need to put yourself out there?

I would love to know! Write me a note or set up a chat.

P. S. Be sure to open my messages next week when I will tell some stories I have never told anyone and unveil my latest offering..the great-grandchild of the B.U.S.


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