Is it time for a new identity?

This morning I woke up and went straight to my sanctuary to write. I do this every morning during that early dawn time before my mind takes control.

When I am still in Dreamland and connected to a deeper truth about who I am and what is important.

I sit down and download what comes through the channel of my soul.

Today I was in for a surprise!

I was reviewing my work week and, to my surprise when I looked at what had happened to me, it was a bit like reading tea leaves into my future.

The paradox of really taking a deep dive into What I Have Now is that it always informs me about what is next… if I’m really paying attention.

If I am willing to actually see things that mean I have to make changes!

Do you ever have those moments when you can no longer hide from the fact that a change has already happened?

So you need to find a new identity that matches the new reality?

Are you like me and tempted to ignore the news!

I have had many identity shifts in my life, for sure.
Big ones like becoming a mother for the first time.

I have one like that coming up as a matter of fact.
In 2 weeks time, I will be a grandmother for the first time!

That is an identity shift I can’t wait for.

The one I am sitting with today, though, is much more uncomfortable. It’s requiring me to grow.

I had this kind of feeling when I became a life coach 20 years ago.
Part of the challenge was internal:

  • How could I call myself a coach?
  • Was I good enough?

The other part was external.
People didn’t understand my new profession and, honestly, a lot of them didn’t welcome this new identity of mine.

Sometimes, when we take on a new identity, it means others will have to make a change too. Have you noticed that?

Then there was the HUGE identity shift I made when I became an ordained interfaith minister. I wondered….would people treat me differently. Would I be taken seriously as a spiritual leader? Would I no longer be allowed to swear in public?

I weathered those identity shifts and have embraced being CEO of my own coaching business.

I have found my way as a fun spiritual leader.

It took time and experience to fully take on these new identities.
I had to grow and find my own unique expression in my new roles.

I believe that is why people have identity crises over a lifetime. In order to really find joy in who you are, you need to learn what your new identity means to you.

That is what I am doing today and I will be bringing you a series on this topic over the next few weeks.

I will be reporting on my own NEW Identity journey… but more importantly, I will be bringing you insight on how to claim your own NEW identity with confidence.

All the Best
Kat & Curtis  

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