I was so disappointed…

My last few blogs have been focused on creating a compelling vision for the year.

As I wrote the last one, I was reminded of the year I was really disappointed in myself when I did my year in review.

The funny part of this experience was how surprised I was!

I have a distinct memory of driving up the 101 freeway on the California Coast.

Curtis and I were going to pick up some art supplies to begin creating our Vision board for the New Year.

I was feeling relaxed and grateful as I looked at sparkles on the beautiful ocean before me.

We were reviewing what had transpired the year before in relation to our vision for the year and the intention we had set.

In that moment, I saw a truth that I really didn’t like. I was disappointed.

As far as I could see, we had totally failed to accomplish what we had set out to do. Nothing I had hoped for had happened in reality.

Has that ever happened to you?
You set your sights on something and it doesn’t happen?

I am a person who loves to set AND achieve my goals.
I get energized by reaching my deadlines victorious.
I pride myself on being masterful at manifesting.

I don’t mind hard work, especially when it’s for something I really want.

Being so disappointed was… well… disappointing to say the least! I have to admit I didn’t know just what to do with it at first.

But then it occurred to me to look deeper. To accept the truth of my feeling and explore what had gone wrong. It didn’t take long to figure it out.

This particular year had been a challenging one. Things had happened that I could not have anticipated. The one thing I saw – that had caused my disappointment – was that I had not checked in with myself and adjusted my expectations.

In some sense, I saw that I had done a “bypass” on reality.

I had not liked what was happening and so I just kept going without including the
new “facts” of my life. There are the facts and then the meaning we give to them.

Ignoring the facts actually gets in the way of finding true meaning and moving forward from a place of truth.

This was a huge learning for me (not comfortable at all) but one that has served me well!

The paradox that I learned to be with was…sometimes I won’t like my reality… and the best way to navigate when times are tough is to accept what is true, even when I don’t like it.

Once I accept whatever is happening, I can then choose how to look at it, how to work with it, how to course correct appropriately.

This kind of course correction always helps me align the reality of “what is” with what is wanting to happen for my higher good (my soul’s vision).

As this year begins to take shape for you… as you are walking the path of your vision, I encourage you to be sure to check in with the reality of “what is”.

Stay tuned to the experience of the present moment. Be guided by your vision and reality. Trust them both. If reality is different, course correct.
That’s where the joy is.

I would love to hear from you!
How do you stay connected to your Vision?
What helps you course correct when needed?

Wishing you All the Best!  
Kat & Curtis  

1 thought on “I was so disappointed…”

  1. “I saw that I had done a ‘bypass’ on reality.” Thanks for that! Great way to put it. Kind of describes most of my adult life, sadly. But also thanks for the picture here of a couple planning life, creating artistic vision boards, and finding joy. Very encouraging. Curtis was my therapist for my first 3 weeks at the Primal Institute/San Francisco in March ’77. I had a phone session with him some years ago, and just recently found the notes I took. I never really looked at them since then, but now I’m greatly encouraged by the advice there. He also mentioned “joy” and “strength.” Thanks guys! God bless you.

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