How Many Wrongs Does It Take to Make a Right? More Than You Might Think!

How many wrongs does it take to make a right? 

Now, I know the saying is, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” The moral of that saying is that when you do something wrong, following that up with another wrong action won’t make things right. 

My message today has a very different lesson. In my experience with anything creative like leading a group, coaching a client, writing a book, creating content for one of my programs, building a website, or putting my business into the marketplace … I ALWAYS do things wrong. 

I make mistakes, mess up, fail, sell out on my intuition, and lose my cool. I could go on but you get the point. 

These kinds of “wrongs” are to be expected when you are creating something. When you are in new territory taking vulnerable action. 

One of the hardest kinds of WRONGS for me are the ones where my ego takes a bruising. It especially hurts when I put a lot of effort into something and then it just falls flat. Never takes off as I had imagined. Never becomes what I had hoped it would be. 

This happened in April when I focused the whole month on raising money for Coaching For Everyone. I was so passionate about this project. For the whole month, all the profits of the sales of my book Evolve Your Coaching Business went to that worthy organization. 

Well, things started going south even before the fundraiser got started. My publisher — who had previously told me they would run the fundraiser — changed their mind. Then the interview with the founder of Coaching for Everyone, which I was counting on to kick things off, was postponed. 

Then — although I had provided a link for folks to buy the book directly from me so I could keep an accurate count — I discovered that many people were buying it off of Amazon where I can’t track the purchases! 

How many wrongs would it take to make this right?

As hard as this was to face, what really helped me get to the other side was to accept what had happened. Much of it was out of my control. 

Then I refocused on my intention. I was committed to raising both attention and money for this worthwhile organization. I put my attention on raising awareness by sending out emails and making social media posts. The response was wonderful! 

I also wanted to raise money. With the help of all of those who purchased the book, I did. Thank YOU for that! 

And to make up for the books I didn’t know about that were sold on Amazon, and to stay in Integrity with this project, I  also made my own donation which felt super good to do.  I was able to reach my financial goal of donating $1,000. 

Watch for my next newsletter where I will post the interview with founder Victor McGuire and tell you some more about Coaching For Everyone. 

It is a dynamite interview you will not want to miss! 

When you make a mistake, do something wrong or mess up … the very best thing you can do is to accept it without judgment. 

Create a clear and strong boundary to keep those harsh inner voices from getting in. Let go of the judgment you imagine other people might have too. 

I know this is a tall order! 

What I promise you, though, is if you can do this you will see the next best step to take. 

Mistakes are only “wrong” if you stop yourself from moving forward toward the light.  

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In the video below you will hear about how I made the shift from focusing on the things that felt like failures to getting back in the flow! 

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