Here Comes the Bride!

I used to think that the path to success needed to be totally focused on the positive. That the secret to success was to keep following my bliss! 

I learned a valuable but hard lesson that, although focusing on the positive and following my bliss IS a key to success, there is something else just as important. 

Reading Feedback…Noticing the Impact…taking in new information and Course Correcting. 

Imagine a ship sailing out in the ocean set for a distant shore. The wind blows, the moon glows and the current flows. 

The ship is taken off course. 

If the captain did not read the instruments to see where they actually were, the ship would be headed for disaster. 

That’s where I found myself when it seemed like my coaching business was going nowhere. 

My coaching niche at the time was couples who were getting married. I had recently been divorced and was able to see all the things I wish I had known BEFORE I got married. 

I thought I could bring my newfound wisdom and coaching skills to this niche. I thought it would be a slam dunk! 

This thought is where I hit rock bottom. In my enthusiasm for this niche, I went all out. I wrote a book titled, It’s Not Just a Wedding, It’s Your Life!

I created the Staying Engaged card deck. I created the Queen of Hearts wedding program. I was ready for my success. 

So, I got a booth at a big wedding show in Los Angeles. I was ready to inspire, my booth stacked high with books, cards and all dolled up with beautiful decorative touches. 

Here come the brides! 

There go the brides…

Not one single bride stopped by my table. A couple gazed from afar at the message of my offerings and moved on quickly. 

In my desperation, I went out in the middle of the room and started offering my card deck for free.  

The brides treated me like I had the plague! Ouch. 

After I licked my wounds, I realized It was time to regroup. 

To look at what wasn’t working. What needed to change. To course correct. 

Years later, I was in a business building program and the instructor actually used targeting “engaged couples” as the example of what NOT to do as a coach. 

He pointed out what I had learned in my time of reflection.  Unless they are highly conscious and know the value of personal growth work, most brides really do care more about saying yes to the dress! 

After that wedding show disaster, I regrouped and found that when I looked at what wasn’t working, I was able to let it go. To stop working so hard on something that wasn’t loving me in return. 

With that open space, I could more clearly see what was working. 

For me, it was the passion I had for women who wanted to create success on their own terms… for entrepreneurs who were in love with their business and women who were leaders and wanted a love life to match their business success. 

Which has evolved into my deep commitment to support coaches to align their soul’s purpose with great success in their meaningful work.

This is Part Two of a three-part email Master Mind Experience. 

Your assignment this week is to take the information from last week and now look for the things that are not working. 

1.   Take the time to see what is just “not right” for you or it’s not the right time for it.

2.   Let go of everything that is wasting your time and precious energy. 

3.   Now ask, “What is working?” 

4.   What is the one thing you can identify that sparks your passion and is desired by your niche community? 

5.   That’s the sweet spot. This lets you know where to put your focus for the rest of the year. 

It’s time to make a commitment. 

Choose your focus…write it down…put it up on your wall…make a commitment to this one thing! 

Please let me know what you were able to let go of! It takes big time courage to do that. 

What’s your one thing? 

Next week, be sure to tune in to the final mastermind email. I promise it will change your life! 


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