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I have had a love of New Year’s Eve ever since I began a visioning process that changed my life completely. I have no idea exactly how this evolved.

I imagine that I got hooked on visioning and connected it to New Year’s Eve because that is the one time there seems to be a focus on possibilities that inspire us to dream. 

So it was that 25 years ago I began a regular habit of taking time off during the Holidays to dream, vision and set my intention for the new year. 

Several years ago, Curtis and I started offering a Visioning Workshop to bring some of our favorite visioning exercises to others. We did this in our home for many years and for the last few years have offered it virtually which has worked out well. 

People from all over can join together in the online workshop room. 

This year the Vision Workshop will again be held online, on Dec 12th from 10-11:30 PST. This is a fun and free event for coaches who want to vision their coaching business and life in the New Year. 

Here is an excerpt that speaks to this important ritual of visioning from my book Evolve Your Coaching Business (Buy it HERE).

I have found that in creating a successful business it is essential to have a vision that comes from your heart. And to listen to your soul as you set intentions along the way to keep you moving, step by step toward that bigger dream.

I know many of you want to jump right into the nuts and bolts of building a business, but this wouldn’t be a heart-centered coaching book if we didn’t first talk about intentions and visions. 

I’ve seen so many businesses fizzle out because not enough time (or any time) was spent on imagination. Yes I know it is essential to face reality. But you need to balance that with a willingness to take a risk. Risk and Reality. Taking a risk is best done with a vision.

Here are some questions that will help you access your vision for 2023 

What do YOU really want?

 What can’t you live without?

 What gets you excited? 

What is your Bigger Vision for your business and for your life?

Now is the time for you to create your vision. In this chapter I will give you lots of tools to help you get there. 

When you envision, you tap into those inner resources. That inner knowing we all have. You will get information that might not come through when you are busy with life and operating mostly from your mind. 

When we are busy, we often forget to take the time to tune in to that whole-body wisdom. Visioning is fun but it is not for sissies! Once you see what your heart wants, it will compel you forward into uncharted territory.

That’s where fulfillment lies, AND that is where the inner critic gets really loud too. 

I have found in my 25 years of Visioning that I love to have alone time just to be with my own thoughts and wisdom.

I also LOVE to Vision in community. 25 years ago I gathered with family and friends during the New Year’s Holiday. It was always so much fun to dream together and proclaim our intentions in community. 

I still love to vision with family and friends, and now I also have an amazing community of coaches who believe in the power of vision and use it to help them create soul driven success in their business and in their life. 

I hope you can join us on December 12th. 

I encourage you to set time aside as the year winds down and a new one begins … to dream. 

May your Vision be filled with all the things you love. 

At this workshop, you will meet other coaches and be guided through a visioning process. 

Here are a few of the highlights: 

  1. Take a look back at the year past and bring forward the positive to begin the new year. 
  2. Visualization of your coaching business and YOU 
  3. A Map that gives you a view of all the elements needed to succeed in your business
  4. Time to consider what will make your Vision a Reality 

Sign up for the workshop here.

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