Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Business

It’s time for Spring Cleaning!
I love Spring Cleaning!

For this blog, I offer you an excerpt from my book Evolve Your Coaching Business that describes how I express this love in my business. In this two-part series, I will help you clean out your coaching business this spring! 

“Cleaning out your closet is a metaphor I use to identify what I consider to be one of the BIG spiritual principles that govern our lives…right up there with the Laws of Attraction and the Power of Forgiveness.

This is a necessary and delightful step in any creative process— beginning with what you have. 

I first noticed this truth when I was undergoing a spiritual growth spurt many years ago. I was learning about new ways of accessing my power and expressing myself authentically in the world.

As this was happening, and my relationship with others and myself was changing, I was compelled to clear out all the crap in my house!

I went on a tear with this…going so far as hiring someone who specialized in coaching people to let go of stuff they no longer needed or wanted. I cleaned out my basement, my drawers, my garage, and my closets.

I was as ruthless as I had ever been when it came to letting go of things previously thought of as valuable. I was sad to say goodbye to some items, and I was delighted to find treasures I had forgotten—valuables that were hiding among the things I would never, ever need. 

When I was finished, I felt freer than I had ever felt before That lightness carried over into other areas of my life

I lost weight during this time. It just made sense and was not a big deal as it had been in the past.

I let go of ways of eating and foods that were clogging up the works. I saw the value of foods  I loved but had not included on a daily basis.

My spirit kept getting lighter and clearer. 

This was also a time in my life when I was forced to look at some of my relationships that weren’t working so well. I needed to do some cleaning up work there too.

I had difficult conversations and experienced painful realizations because now I was more committed to being clean and clear than to holding onto what no longer served my highest good.

A few years later, this same principle became apparent to me in the work I did with my coaching clients. I had a program for entrepreneurs that helped them improve their business in a fun and effective way.

I took people through a process of creating a vision and carrying out a plan of action to make the vision real.

During the “carrying out the plan stage” with my first client, she revealed that she had worked for a corporation for many years in a leadership position.

She had skills, experience, and connections from this work that she had not included in any of our conversations about starting her own business.

She thought they were not relevant.

The inclusion of these elements made a HUGE difference in how fast she was able to grow her business. I realized that other clients had their own version of hugely valuable assets they did not consider useful in the context of their current business. 

From that moment on, cleaning out the closet has become an important step in every client interaction I have.”

Below is a simple exercise to get you started. 

Spring Cleaning will be good for your business, and for your soul.

Here is part one of my cleaning out your closet exercise. 

  1. Look at what you have going on in your coaching business without judgment.
    Look at your services, systems, clients, money. All of it in a non-judgmental way. This way you can actually see what you have. 
  2. Next, sort out what you want to keep. What’s working? What do you like? 
  3. Then, sort out what you want to let go of. What’s not working anymore? What has never worked? It’s time to let them go. 
  4. What are the gaps? What is missing in your business closet? 

 I would love to support you on your cleaning-out-the-closet journey. Join my free community and get my personal support! 

Kat Recommends

Take yourself on a business retreat. 

  • Set aside a day or two and leave your house, if possible. 
  • Go somewhere you can focus exclusively on your business. 
  • Dedicate this time to cleaning out your business closet. 
  • Take time to honor yourself and what is going well. 
  • Take time to let go of what needs to go, so you can see what comes next. 
  • Make a commitment to take one small step in that direction.

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