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I gave my first sermon as an ordained interfaith minister almost 3 years ago.

That day marked the culmination of a spiritual quest that started when I was a little girl of seven.

It was a hot summer day out in a field where the weeds had grown wild beside my home in rural Ohio. It was Sunday and I was not in church. This rarely happened in my childhood.

I had an experience on that day in that field that changed my life… or perhaps more accurately, that helped to shape and guide my life.

It was not so much what happened as what that experience gave me: true confidence in my own ability to connect with spirit and to listen to my soul.

I may have written a book called The Soul Search, but I certainly didn’t make up the truth that listening to one’s soul is important!

You might be wondering, “What is the soul and, anyway, why should I care?”

What is the soul?
Gary Zukav, the author of “Seat of the Soul”, explains the soul this way:
When you experience yourself as more than you think you are, as more than bodies and minds, tissues and organs. The ‘something more’ is your soul.

Your soul is the part of you that existed before you were born and that will continue to exist after you die.

Why should I care?
He continues:
When you listen to your soul you will receive information that the five senses cannot provide. People who tune into their souls experience their lives differently, as meaningful, and they long to give the gifts that they were born to give, the gifts that their souls want to give.

One of the greatest benefits I have experienced by consistently listening to my soul is that of making good choices. It is actually one of the promises of my book. Using the Soulsearch process consistently leads people to make confident choices!

This is probably one of the biggest quests and challenges my clients have. They are: Aiming to make their dreams real. Putting themselves out there. Spending time, money and effort to succeed in their meaningful work.

They want to know that they are making good choices and they come to me for help.

The best choices I have made in my life – and that I have seen others make – come from this one practice of tuning into your soul for guidance.

The choices that don’t work out are not soul-guided.

I’m not talking about disasters.

In fact, I believe that disasters can come from good choices. Our soul is always wanting us to expand and, sometimes, we need to experience contrast. Wake up calls in the form of a “disaster” that brings great learning and growth.

I am talking about the choices that you make that don’t end up feeling right. They go nowhere… dead ends… they don’t feel good because there is no soul power fueling them.

You could say they are ego-driven choices.

The ego has a tendency to whisper in our ear and encourage us to make choices based on scarcity, comparison with others, concern about what others will think, how we will look and fear of failure.

The ego is always ready to warn us that “something bad will happen if you…”

In my book, The Soul Search, I break the process down into seven simple steps – not necessarily easy to do, but simple to follow. Actually, that’s what I talked about in my first sermon as an ordained minister 3 years ago.

Today, I have made it even easier for you to implement in your life. I call it the “Soul Power Three-Step”.

Put on your dancing shoes!

Dance Step Number One:
You need to tune in to the right station in order to plug into your soul power. It is like when you are driving in your car and tuning into a radio station (some readers may remember how this went).

Maybe for a while, you can’t find anything, then you get something that begins to sound clear and you like what you are hearing because it feels good. Then you get it just right and it beams out the music.

That’s your station, your music, your show. It feels like home!

That’s how it feels to tune into your soul. Darn good! You hear a loving voice, feel right with yourself and all that you have in your life… when you are tuned into your soul.

Dance Step Number Two:
This is usually the hardest step to do consistently – but if you do it, your life will NEVER be the same.

You need to clear out the crap… I”m talking about the static that is in your head and in your heart. Static that is saying, “There’s something wrong with you, you’re not enough, who do you think you are” and other things that will stop you from moving into new territory.

This step requires the highest level of spiritual finesse. It means facing your fears and doubts clearly… seeing them for the lies and distortions they truly are… and accepting your own human imperfections as well as the real challenges that are inevitable in all human lives.

What makes this step hard is that it’s important to clear out the noise without buying into the inner critic’s opinion about how bad things are or how wrong you are.

This is one of the purposes of meditation and other spiritual practices that quiet the mind and allow for the deeper connection to the guidance from our souls.

So there is the two-step…you tune in…feels good… and then clear out whatever is in the way of connecting with your soul and then you keep on dancing!

Dance Step Number Three:
Listen to your soul and act on the guidance. This can be exhilarating because your soul knows what makes you happy. This is where you make good choices.

It’s also freaking scary much of the time because your soul doesn’t care a whit about what other people think, how you look or the risk you might be taking.

Its guidance may be a small step in an uncomfortable direction (like telling you to go easy on yourself) or it may encourage you to take a huge step off what looks like a high cliff (like speaking in front of a group of people about something close to your heart).

It is always in your best interest.

And that’s the Soul Power Three-Step! Cha Cha Cha

Do you know what will happen when you learn this dance… when you listen, clear the channel and act on the guidance?

You will always make good choices.

Choices that move you forward on your path. Choices that bring great people into your life. Choices that open you to prosperity & growth. Choices that bring you joy… each and every time.

If you would like help making an important choice, sign up for a complimentary discovery call today.

All the Best, Kat

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